SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY U.S.A.. TELEPHONE: () ( ) FAX: () 1N thru 1N 1N thru 1N Category. Description, WATT Metal Silicon Zener Diodes. Company, Motorola Semiconductor Products. Datasheet, Download 1N datasheet. Quote. 1N datasheet, 1N circuit, 1N data sheet: MICROSEMI – 1 WATT METAL CASE ZENER DIODES,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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It is also available as the MC which has a reduced Vq range and slightly relaxed specifications. R 1N R 1N Shop Power Transfer Switches. The speed, approximately 30 kHz, is slower than the transistor type but the transfer ratio can be as much as twenty times as high as the single transistor type.

Full capability package, pre-tailored to customer. Specifications in the following datasheeet are given for an input of 31 volts.

Datasheft na Max 5.

Industrial products fill important roles in process control, instrumentation, and sig- nal processing functions. Devices differ principally in BVqeq. Within each of these categories are two basic packaging divisions, plastic and metal — plastic for lowest cost and metal hermetically sealed packages for applications requiring highest reliability.

Mn 41 Tel ! A 3 MV 2. Contact your Motorola representative for more information. Useful at frequencies ranging generally from 1 Hz to 1 MHz. Shop Panel Mount Indicators.

Devices meeting the requirements of EIA specifications RSC, andas well as differential current mode and open collector peripheral drivers are covered. Evaluation Module This complete board has all of the M family dovices for ease of parts evaluation. Benefits include lower system costs, off-the-shelf avail- ability, improved reliability, lower system power drain, fewer parts to assemble and inspect, and more compact system architecture.


S8 44 66 Motorola Semicondiicti -eartijiiui te- 15 The plastic transistors have monolithic construction and the metal package transistors are two chip construction. Suppression Diode Series 2. Shop Inductive Signal Couplers. Keep me logged in. Ripple rejection is typically 0.

Shop Constant Voltage Transformers. In general, amplifier transistors have a small-signal power gain Gpj specification and a noise figure, while mixer devices are characterized by a conversion gain G c l specification and may or may not have an assigned noise figure.

– free datasheets for electronic components

Fiald programmabla by “blowing” appro- priata nichromo ratittort to dwtasheet matalnation linkl. MRF, internally-matched transistor and providing 80 Watts with 9. As above, bu t h igher break. Shop Liquid Level Sensors.

nabseseno — pdfcasegmae

Shop Tool Accessories and Parts. A 2N thru 2N 2N 2N R 1NB 1N 1N Developed to suppress transients in the automotive system, this device operates in the forward mode as a standard rectifier or reverse mode as a power zener diode and will protect expensive mobile transceivers, radios and tape decks from over-voltage conditions.

Zener diodes are also available as specials. It can be used to run simple programs for familiarization with the 1n301 as well as evaluation prior to actual system development with the EXORciser. Show 20 40 60 Per Page.


New Jersey Semiconductor

Interface components span the gap between analog information and digital process- ing. A MD 1. Complete designer data sheets are available for prime devices; equivalent data sheets may be obtained when the same die is used in other 2N – standard devices.

Transistors listed here represent good, all-around amplifiers in the audio frequency range, and provide satisfactory medium-speed switching capabilities. It is recommended that these standard device types be given first consideration for new design.

Shop Power Supply Accessories. MPF – Low cost. They are spectrally matched for use with sili- con detectors. Where the specified characteristics of the “preferred” devices listed in the following selector guides do not meet a particular design requirement, the designer is requested to contact his nearest Motorola sales representative for price quotations on special devices to fit his needs.


To simplify the task in selecting a “best” transistor, diode or other device for new designs, this book’s selection tables include all popular Motorola semicon- ductor devices and applications. For availability of chips for other products, contact your Motorola sales representative.

However, no responsibility is assumed by MOTOROLA for its use; nor for datasheeg infringement of patents or of other rights of third parties which may result from its use.