SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY U.S.A.. TELEPHONE: () ( ) FAX: () 1N thru 1N 1N thru 1N Category. Description, WATT Metal Silicon Zener Diodes. Company, Motorola Semiconductor Products. Datasheet, Download 1N datasheet. Quote. 1N datasheet, 1N circuit, 1N data sheet: MICROSEMI – 1 WATT METAL CASE ZENER DIODES,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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Very High Speed Static. The following devices are the most popular consumer amplifier transistors: Measure of the magnitude of capacitance change as the reverse voltage is varied across the operating range.

Other FETs are available as specials. Truth tabla and output option specified by user. It has an electrical complement, the MCI for dual supply applications requiring positive and negative outputs. Programmable control for variable word lengths, synchronization, and interrupt. Schottky barrier devices, ideal for use in Ion voltage, high frequency power supplies and as free-wheeling diodes.

But the availability of devices for a wide range of current and voltage require- ments doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

Higher voltages are available upon request, but a necessary trade-off against switching speeds results. All devices are designed, tested and optimized for frequency ranges from 2 to MHz. Butlar MC 1 Shop Panel Mount Indicators.

New Jersey Semiconductor 1NB-1NB datasheet pdf

All devices encapsulated in 1n30166 41, exceptions shown. The 2N thru 2N transistors are designed for high- voltage, high-speed, power switching in inductive circuits where fall time is critical. From low-cost, industry standard types to high precision circuits the span encom- passes a large datashert of performance capabilities.


Devices are listed in decreasing order of BV ce o- PKkag. The family has a medium operating speed MHz clock 1j3016good external noise immunity, high fan out, and the capability of driving capacitive loads of up to pF. BC BC 50 20 5. BoxPhoenix, Arizona For within the large selection of different series numbers are device families with characteristics designed for specifically designated applications.

These devices are particularly useful in highly reliable systems using hybrid beam lead assembly techniques. Modulation type is given in each application heading. Its long history has made it among the most widely sourced unit in the indus- try.

The transistors are listed in order of decreasing breakdown voltage BV CE o. The following Cross Reference gives you an alphanumeric list of all pro-electron small signal devices, their suggested replacement and the number of the selection table in which the device is further characterized.

Devices are available in packages offering choices of viewing angle and size in either low cost, economical, plastic cases or rugged, hermetic, metal cans.

Travel and Brief Cases. Prime devices are shown in Bold Face Type. Previous 1 datashdet 3 4 5 Next Page 1 of For special applications where the devices listed may not quite fit the design requirements, special configurations can be supplied with quick turnaround time and low premiums.

Datasheet archive on 1-5-2018

The type numbers listed below are available from stock, but all other Motorola small-signal transistors may be dataeheet in Micro-T packages on special order. Contact your nearest Motorola sales office for assistance in additional device selection and complete technical data. Some of the more important features include: For more detailed information on these chips, including testing, visual inspection, packaging, size, geometry, and metallization, contact your nearest Motorola represen- tative or distributor.


The device types are listed in increasing order of l c continuous and V C e ratings. Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. Shop Time Delay Relays. While not family related. Silicon Planar, Small Signal.

They are also useful as oscillators and general-purpose switches.

datasheets | История запросов

DMA and multiple processor capability. Shop Basic Snap Action Switches. Has greater gam and slew rate, better input and output imped ances and somewhat lower power dissipation Available Variations: R IN 1N 1N A wide range of device types in three basic package configurations are listed in this Selector Guide. The MTTL Dl IC family utilizes nichrome resistors, post metalization passivation, monometallic inter- connections, and very small high frequency transistor structures to enhance the radiation resistant qualities of this line.

Ninth bit available for circuit tatting. Motorola has the production dztasheet and flexibility to supply devices especially tailored to specific application needs. A 3 MV 2. Other family members are also indicated, together with datasehet specific features they may have.

Gain control, decoupling, source and load impedances and load mismatch are treated and instructions for building a test fixture are also provided. To locate the exact page number, see Catalog IndexiPage As circumstances indicate, others will be added. Other types require a sense amplifier in addition to the drivers.