1N, datasheet for 1N – SILICON 3-LAYER BILATERAL TRIGGERS provided by New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.. 1N pdf. 1NA,AA. Leakage Current. IBeth Direction!). (Applied Voltage • 14 Voml NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are . 1N Datasheet: Silicon 3-Layer Bilateral Triggers, 1N PDF Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 1N Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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This stabilizes circuit performance for variations in device parameters. R 1 N 1 1N The type numbers listed below are available from stock, but all other Motorola small-signal transistors may be obtained in Micro-T packages on dattasheet order. Many of datasheer devices are referred by section and page number to more comprehensive tables in this book. The low power dissipation and flexible power supply requirements of this family of devices greatly simplify power supply design, and the high noise immunity and large fanout capability reduce parts count and simplify printed circuit board layout.

MC A’ i-4 8 v. Rectifier Bridges and Circuits Low-to-Medium Current A variety of packaging methods yields current ratings up to 30 A and reverse-voltage ratings to V.

1N5760 Datasheet

Here are some examples of preferred device families for the more high-volume applications, and for special unique purposes. B 1NA 10 2. Where the specified characteristics of the “preferred” devices listed in the following selector guides do not meet a particular design requirement, the designer is requested to contact his nearest Motorola sales representative for price quotations on special devices to fit his needs.


As circumstances indicate, others will be added. Darlington devices are not only a very high gain alternative; other significant advantages include: The MLM relaxed specification: Low Level datasheeet Chips are sold in increments of ten 10 only.

Reduced Circuit Cost and Complexity.

1N5760 Datasheet PDF – New Jersey Semiconductor

Its long history has made it among the most widely sourced unit in the indus- try. Programmable logic is designed to replace hardwired logic and costly custom microcomputer functions.

Available in low-cost plastic package TO and in hermetically sealed metal package Case 22A. Out- put capabilities range from 15 watts at MHz to 2 watts at 6 GHz. Technological advances have permitted new levels of circuit complexity. FM transmitter power amplifier and low pass filter.

A Of B in lieu of “IN” prefix. Useful at frequencies ranging generally from 1 Hz to 1 MHz. Over different devices are offered. R IN 1N 1N Practical examples are given with performance data and power combining techniques are discussed in detail. Comparators A broad line from popular single supply quads to family of quad comparators with Three ; State Outputs.

Programmable control register provides variable word lengths, clock division ratios, transmit control, receive control, and interrupt control.

Full text of “Motorola Master Selection Guide Data Book “

Baih Road Siough, Bucki Tbi. The line includes many multifunction types. High Input Impedance Comparators. They are datashwet gold doped and processed to provide very short switching times and low output capacitance below 6 pF.


Sufficient information to build the amplifier is provided. Methods of mounting and heat-sinking both stud and flange type packages are described.

nabseseno — pdfcasegmae

Higher voltages are available upon request, but a necessary trade-off against switching speeds results. Not aoptlceble to J Of TX devices. The following diagram explains the Motorola coding system: Choppers and Switches 4. Both amplifier and mixer devices are included. These products are available in a variety of package styles datashdet in chip form.

Duowatt 8 RF Transistors. Multifunction packages and broad operating temperature range further tailor this device family to the industrial designer’s requirements.

Typical applications include high-voltage differential and operational amplifiers, high- voltage inverters, low and medium current switching and series regulators. MRF, a new high power transistor developed foi single sideband applications, is used in the design.

The 2N thru 2N transistors are designed for high- voltage, high-speed, power switching in inductive circuits where fall time is critical.

Volts Norn Type Max Max 0. Motorola has developed LSI arrays of and gate complexities with typical speeds of 25 ns per gate. Good performance at D