I just read Harem by scifichick77 and it was AMAZING! buuuuuuuuuuuut it wasnt finished:cry: Can someone please suggest a story where. I chose “A Dowry of A Single Galleon” because it was dramione (for those who don’t know, this is Draco and Hermione’s ship name). You can read it and download it here for free: Dowry of a Single Galleon by Bunney – Rated: Explicit (NC) – 21 Chapters (COMPLETE) – A.

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He cringed at the very thought of it. She nodded, a curl falling loose to curve over her cheek. Jiwon added it Dec 18, I know this is an unusual courtship for you and Draco and you should have everything you desire on your wedding day. And we both adore you more than you’ll ever know. Narcissa ran one bejeweled hand over the creamy silk bodice.

Plastering a smile on his face, he rose to his feet. But, I want to wait until our wedding night. Your home is magnificent and I’m sure I’ll be very ha-happy here. I was expecting it to have a general theme of sex, but I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as prevalent as it was.

His violent eagerness to bury himself inside Pansy’s willing body and his hair-trigger ejaculation was proof enough of that. We’ll be back on Monday. I’m not going to hurt you.

His smile was indulgent. She raised up on one elbow, the sleek fall of her hair brushing her cheekbones. She slithered out singgle the bed and strolled towards him, her hips rolling in an exaggerated imitation of Hermione’s natural sway. What else is there? A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic more than fandoms users works The Archive of Our Gallson is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.


A Dowry of a Single Galleon – by Bunney (M): dramione_hof

Draco picked at his salad, separating each vegetable on his plate, banishing them to opposite corners. Draco’s fair complexion was turning quite pink. She huffed in irritation. Like I said earlier, Draco and Hermione have a really tense relationship, or the fact that the story skipped over that and pretty much got right into the sex kind of bored me.

A Dowry of a Single Galleon

This girl, this pretty little Muggleborn witch, was definitely the one, despite Draco’s protestations that it was only going to be a marriage of physical gratification. Chapter Two Chapter 3: Draco threw himself into a chair and glared at his father.

Her legs were waving gently in the air and he watched them, mesmerized, imagining them wrapped around his waist or draped over his shoulders as he rode her.

Her heart went out to him. When Annelle showed her the final sketch, the embodiment of their afternoon’s collaboration, Hermione had to choke back tears. He’d make it a night she’d never forget for the rest of her life. Just not to me. He dropped his purchases at the foot of the stairs for the house-elves to carry to his room, then went in search of his parents.


Hermione looked up at him, her eyes dark and melting. Please consider turning it on!


Alex Danishek rated it it was ok Dec 06, Lucius closely watched Draco and smiled softly to himself. Chapter Eleven Chapter Straightening her shoulders bravely, she tossed her hair back and fixed Lucius with a chilly glare.

The two men seated inside looked up at her with identical, arrogant smirks. Bae rated it it was amazing Nov 24, A Dowry of a Single Ga In the short span of time that it took Draco to stop in Quality Quidditch Supplies and Florean Fortescue’s for an ice cream, then Apparate home, he’d come to a decision that, for him, was bordering on deranged. In mid-swing, he grabbed her wrist and spun her around, knocking over a high stack of books and sending Hermione to the floor atop them.

Draco turned around and she smiled as she took in his nude body, her dark eyes roving hungrily over him. Draco threw himself into a chair and glared at his father.

Is that so wrong? Chapter Five Chapter 6: