Transfer of undertakings (TUPE) – Acas training and support. Acas training – did you know? Acas run practical Training Courses, Workshops and Projects to. Acas Helpline – TUPE. Acas Helpline. If your organisation is being bought or sold and you would like information relating to the transfer of employees the Acas. Explaining TUPE, the rules describing how employees must be treated when a business transfers to new ownership. In this video.

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Register for Acas e-learning here. If an ETO is the main cause of a dismissal, then the dismissal may be justifiable provided that the transferee acted reasonably in all circumstances. We will be tracking avas un-answered questions and, in each case, considering whether to add them to the system to help it fit your needs as closely as possible.

However, the dismissal will not be automatically unfair if the employer can show an ‘economic, technical or organisational’ ETO reason entailing a change in the workforce. The key to a successful TUPE transfer lies in good planning.

Adas Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations is a set tu;e rules that work to protect employees when the business they work for is sold or transferred to a new employer. Employees who believe that their terms and conditions have been substantially changed to their detriment before or after a transfer have the right to terminate their employment and claim constructive unfair dismissal at a tribunal.

Acas also offers TUPE e-learning.

Handling TUPE transfers: the Acas guide | Acas

Acas uses cookies to ensure we give you the best experience and to make the site simpler. Examples of ETO reasons may include a severe reduction in output that makes trading unsustainable without dismissing staff economic or new technology which means that far less staff are needed technical.

In this video, one of our trainers provides an overview of the TUPE regulations and explains how Acas’ services can help employers and employees. We will be tracking any un-answered questions and, in each case, considering whether to add them to the system to help it fit your needs as tupf as possible. Terms and conditions from collective agreements may be renegotiated after one year provided that overall the contract is no less favourable to the employee.


Tupr transferor and transferee are both liable to pay this compensation. Being monitored at work. It may be possible for a legal representative to negotiate warranties and tupr which will provide a partial, or total, cushion against the financial impact of any claims resulting from the application of TUPE.

Have the majority of employees been taken over? Let us know how we can help by completing our Customer contact form.

Examples include the collective disputes procedure, time off facilities, training for union representatives, negotiated redundancy procedures or job security arrangements and flexible working arrangements. In some cases just one of these factors has been enough for TUPE to apply. Members and People Management subscribers can see articles on the People Zcas website.

Finally, the factsheet offers introductory guidance on managing a TUPE situation, particularly when it comes to dismissals, consultation and notification, pensions, and required written information.

For transfers which took effect before 1 May the information should have been provided not less than 14 days before the transfer. Redundancy, notice, retirement and transfers. The employer must provide the following information to the representatives: Acas conference 5th Dec: Explore our related content.

However, there will be occasions when they cannot be avoided. It lists the types of circumstances in which TUPE has been found to apply such as mergers as well as those circumstances in which it does not apply such as transfers by share take-overand also provides a acxs to help determine whether or not it is applicable in a particular situation.

Transfer of undertakings (TUPE): an introduction

Our practical guidance for people managers on the requirements for transfers of staff provides a minimum set of standards for all parties and includes sections on commissioning and transferring services, steps to follow when transferring staff teams, pension issues when transferring staff, and the harmonisation of terms and conditions Dismissal If an employee is dismissed because of the transfer, their dismissal is automatically unfair.

The ETO reason The economic, technical or organisational ETO reason entailing a change in the workforce is one of the few legitimate factors for a refusal to take on the transferor’s workforce by the prospective transferee. View details or register your place.


The regulations governing transfer related dismissals and ETO reasons changed from January It won’t be a service provision change if: Where there are no recognised trade unions or employee representatives in place, employers must arrange elections amongst the affected employees to elect representatives to consult about the transfer. See more information on redundancy. If the answer to several of the above questions is ‘yes’, then TUPE is likely to apply.

TUPE may also apply where an organisation, such as an advertising agency or a law firm, takes over a client from another firm following a tender process. TUPE classifies these types of resignations as dismissals. If the previous employer provided a pension scheme then the new employer has to provide some form of pension arrangement for employees who were eligible for, or members of the former employer’s scheme.

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Tools, Templates and Resources.

The acxs must be accurate, up to date and secure, and for transfers which took effect from 1 May the information must be provided not less than 28 days before the transfer.

Being monitored at work.

Transfer of undertakings (TUPE) | Acas training and support | Acas

What is a transfer of an undertaking? The right to request flexible working. The relevant law The Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulationsas updated by various statutes and regulations, notably The Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Amendment Regulations acqs, cover the transfer of an undertaking, or part of one, from one business to another.