Consult Arthrex’s ACL TightRope® RT – LS brochure on MedicalExpo. Page : 1/2. The ACL TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a recently introduced fixation device. The adjustable graft loop allows the surgeon some freedom in terms of the. The TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a suspensory device for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. However, there is a potential risk of the button being.

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All-inside anterior cruciate ligament graft-link technique: The button is then pushed gently or tapped slowly through the pinhole with the help of this guide pin Fig 2Video 1. Kyle Anderson, MD Share. The ACL TightRope RT allows surgeons to advance the graft by pulling the tensioning strands in the same direction of graft advancement. Intra-articular detachment of the Endobutton more than 18 months after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Educational Resources Products Related Science. The depth of the femoral socket is 25 mm, and the pin hole through the cortical bone bridge is 10 mm long.

The adjustable loop allows the surgeon some freedom in terms of the length of the femoral socket, eliminates the need for bothersome intraoperative calculations for selecting loop length, ensures that the socket is completely filled with graft, and provides the possibility of tensioning the graft even after graft fixation.

The authors report that they have no conflicts of interest in the authorship and publication of this article. This would subsequently result in postoperative graft loosening and failure of reconstruction. Don’t have an account?

This innovation eliminates the need to retrieve shortening strands from the joint and allows the surgeon to pull in-line with graft advancement. GraftLink All-Inside ACL adjustable loop one size loop adjustable button suspensory fixation socket fill short socket. Minor Outlying Islands U.

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In such a situation, the repositioning of the button back on the femoral cortex may result in soft-tissue interposition between the button and the cortex. The ACL TightRope RT implant is the first adjustable loop device to allow surgeons to pull the shortening strands in the same direction of the graft. What type of insight would you like to leave?

Supplementary data Video 1: Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the young athlete: However, in our patients, we have experienced some of the complications with the TightRope RT that have earlier been described in the literature for the EndoButton, such as jamming aacl the femoral tunnel and soft-tissue interposition.

Click here to login. We visualize the TightRope RT button in the femoral socket and guide pin hole with the arthroscope during its passage.

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Scope This Out Spring – Vol. We have found no difficulty in visualizing the whole socket and the guide pin hole with the artherx, as well as the passage of the button and the graft through the socket.

Educational Resources Products Related Science. Thus proper seating of the button is ensured by direct visualization and the crucial push helps in flipping and seating of the button. The right knee is being operated on.

ACL TightRope® RT – Arthrex

Use the checkboxes below to add items. Published by Elsevier Inc. An unidentified pitfall of Endobutton tighgrope The proprietary four point locking system allows one way shortening of the loop to maximize graft to socket contact and allows graft re-tensioning.

As the button reaches tigytrope guide pin tgihtrope, resistance is felt. This indicates the flip distance, that is, the point at which the button has completely passed through the femoral guide pin hole and tigjtrope ready for flipping.

Another complication is that the button can be pulled out through the skin laterally while one is pulling it from the outside or it may flip within the substance of the vastus lateralis. We will review your message shortly after it is submitted and if approved it will appear on the product page. Published online May Support Center Support Center. Hide Details Hide Thumbnails.


The TightRope RT button is seen entering the pin hole. Select what is wrong The guide pin is introduced through the anteromedial portal, inserted at the femoral footprint of the anterior cruciate ligament, and brought out through the lateral cortex.

Please try again, or try refreshing the page. Under arthroscopic vision, a 2. The viewing portal is the anterolateral portal.

The femoral socket is then created with a drill of the size determined from the diameter of the graft, leaving about 7 to 10 mm of cortical bone bridge laterally. When there is a feel of loss of resistance or giving way, tjghtrope button slips away from the guide pin tip.

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Arthrex – ACL TightRope® RT Graft Fixation Implant

Get more help on how to request a quote or surgical evaluation. Scope This Out Spring – Vol. This proprietary 4-point knotless fixation system resists alc displacement and offers strong pullout strength. The guide pin hole is seen in the center of the socket. When you are ready to submit your request, simply click the “View Cart” button 5 or alternatively the “Cart Overview” button 4. By introducing the 2 small modifications described in this report during the insertion of the TightRope RT with graft in our practice, we have ensured proper seating of the button on the femoral cortex.