In Chapters 1, Ships and Men, Ulysses starts his journey home to Ithaca. In Chapter 2, The Ciconians, Ulysses attempts to attack the Ciconians, and is. Ulysses is a war hero from the Trojan War, a war that lasted a decade. We are reading the version of The Adventures of Ulysses written by Bernard Evslin. The leader of the Greek forces returning from Troy encounters the Cyclops, the beautiful sorceress Circe and more, as he tries to ward off the anger of the gods.

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After, all the princes attack Ulysses but Ulysses is too good with the bow and Telemachus is fighting with his sword.

Trivia About The Adventures of Had to read for school. I decided to give it a try, just because I was out of books to read. Ulysses also cares for his son because ulydses wants to know Telemachus’s whereabouts, what he is doing and if anything has happened to him. I think that this book is very interesting and it was very fun to read it!

The Adventures of Ulysses

With Hermes’ help, Ulysses thwarts Circe’s spells and rescues his men. He is under disguise and only his son knew who he is. While Penelope announces the contest to the suitors, Ulysses arms himself.

As the ship passes the rock, Ulysses sees the Sirens who have the bodies of hideous birds I recommend this book to fellow mythology geeks, and people who can read a lot of old words li One word: You take the front line when there is danger. Ulysses wanted to protect his wife and get all the spoiled sailors out of the castle.


The Adventures of Ulysses – Section 10, The Sirens & Scylla and Charybdis Summary & Analysis

This bestselling anthology includes such well-known stories as “Theseus and the Minotaur” and “Perseus and Medusa.

I gave it one star because it was boring. Read for 6th grade English When I first read this when I was 11 years old, I thought it was too bloody and descriptive and yet boring. With over seventy titles, which include both novel-length retellings and short stories, Evslin is one of the most widely published authors of classical mythology in the world.

All of Ulysses’s men were either killed by foreign soldiers, a god or cyclops, a giant cannibal, a large monster, and nature’s trickery, or they went missing after the sun titan Hyperion’s wrath. He was strong, wise, and goal oriented, and seemed to come through despite getting his ass knocked around by monsters and gods.

That was awesome seeing the hero in action in front of his beloved family.

The Adventures of Ulysses – Bernard Evslin – Google Books

The men block their ears with wax while Ulysses has them tie him to the mast so that he will not direct them to the Sirens. This word defines Ulysses as a leader because he is commanding and powerful. He is not going to leave the bags of wind available for anybody to touch or even know what they are. I didn’t like Ulysses all that much, or any of the characters.


I especially liked a part in the book where Ulysseus and his men find themselves on the island of Polyphemus. This retelling is well written for young adults and the story moves along swiftly!

Ulysses may be a hero, but he is not a god. They put every last prince to death and Ulysses goes to see his wife after 20 years at sea. What is your favorite part of The Adventures of Ulysses?

I would recommend this book to people between the ages of 10 and 15 because people that are younger than 10 years old won’t understand ilysses book because of the vocabulary and because it is very hard to understand all ulywses things that are going on at the same time because it is very confusing.

I would highly recommend this book. Ulysses also desperately wants to meet his son because he was just a baby when he left Ithaca.

The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin

Nov 11, Nikki rated it liked it. Lists with This Book. The Hellenes land on a beautiful island where they are assaulted by giant cannibals and only one ship escapes. The Ciconians rally and attack the Hellenes, forcing Ulysses and his crew to retreat back to their ships leaving eighteen of their men dead on the shore.

It was quite boring, despite the action.