User manual for the device Akai CDXL. Online user manual database. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Akai CDXL Stereo Receiver User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. USING THE SXL IN ‘OLD AKAI’ MODE! .. USING SELECT PROG – PROGRAMS WITH THE SAME NUMBER.

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This allows you to use note-on velocity to introduce LFO1 modulation. But beforewe can do any of that, we first need to make some recordings.

It is worth giving your tags useful names to avoid confusion at a later date. For example, whilst holding down a low string note you could select, say, a brass sound.

If the disk is un-formatted or has become seriously damaged in some way the CDXL will tell you You may alsoset the level of the sound appearing at any of the outputs. If you have used Akai samplers before, you may continue to work in this way, of course, but, as mentioned, the new MULTI mode may be more convenient Loading Standard Midi Files It is important to remember that, unlike a synthesiser, the CDXL has no means of storing sounds in an internal memory.

MULTI mode as this is more in keeping with how other sound modules work these days. This is asking if you want to delete the samples contained within that program as well.

Page With resonance at 16, the frequency response is flat but as the resonance is increased, the gain of the filter is boosted around that frequency. This can be an effective way oflayering sounds without eating into polyphony.


Akai CDXL : Stereo Digital Sampler Operator’s Manual

Naming Samples – Copying And Renaming If any larger hard disk is attachedto the CDXL, data above this size will not be recognised or used. Portamento This may be useful when you wish to play a sound normally but only apply portamento to a few notes. Pressing this key displays this screen: You simply move the cursor to the appropriatepart and selecting the program using the DATA control.

The other parameters on this page are: Page If no floppy disk is in the drive, you will be prompted: Originally, synthmodules could be set to a specific MIDI channel number so that several modules could be setto play several musical parts from a sequencer. Before you can do any recording, you must name the sample you are about to record.

Studio Manuals – Akai

In the rename page, you can renameindividual files on disk, or rename a volume on disk a floppy disk can contain only one volume,but a hard disk can contain many volumes. To select the volume, move the akwi to thefieldand select using the DATA wheel.

This can be invaluable for archiving a hard diskwhen it is full and helps you overcome the problem of lost data in the event of a problemoccurring with your hard disk.

Without a valid warranty, the entire cost of the repair parts and labor is the responsibility of the product’s owner. If you try to save an entire volume with many programs and samples, you will have to use more than one disk. Using Multi Mode For Layering Programs In the case of layering three sounds, polyphony will be cut to around ten voices.


Once you become familiar with the FIND function, you will find it an invaluable aid to quicklysearching for and loading sounds. Further Editing Functions, The Parameter If the sound is not long enough, it will finish even though you are holding down a note. When playing monophonically i. It can be time consuming but it will be worth it if you ever have a problem with your hard disk!

Again, as a result, you need not worry about having to set these assignments yourself. As you can see, theoffers a great deal of flexibility in the way the effects chainis laid out with just one simple control. The same principles apply as above. Here we have assigned two identical synth samples to zones 1 and 2 and, as in the stereoprogram above, both have a velocity range of A ring modulator is a device with two inputs and one output.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review 4. There are items available. Thehigher capacity HD disks are recommended.

AKAI CD3000XL Operator’s Manual

Only that program will be renumbered. You will also receive this message if you try to save to a CD-ROM which, of course, is a read- only medium. You will receive the following prompt: