London life just after World War I, devoid of values and moving headlong into chaos at breakneck speed – Aldous Huxley’s Antic Hay, like Hemingway’s The Sun. Antic Hay, novel by Aldous Huxley, published in A satire of post-World War I London intellectuals, the work follows Theodore Gumbril, Jr., the protagonist. Long out of print, this minor modernist classic satirizes Huxley’s illustrious circle in Antic Hay. Aldous Huxley, Author Dalkey Archive Press $ (p) ISBN.

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Throughout the novel Gumbril, the central character, struggles to reconcile the two sides of his personality: However, when somebody tries to capture the essence of such situations they inevitably fall flat – what is charming, witty I enjoyed Antic Haybut found its second half better than its first.

North of Oxford

He spent the latter part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from until his antuc in He calls on Myra for a last hurrah before his departure for Paris in the morning. Antic Hay is a novel about, essentially, the Lost Generation and their feelings of disaffection and uncertainty in the wake of World War I.

Orwell had recommended Antic Hay to her in the s, but alas she wouldn’t dance with him. This is going to be the start of a new life for Mr Theodore Gumbril he decides. Nov 05, Bruce rated it liked it. His big scheme for aldkus trousers doesn’t quite succeed either.

Antic Hay | novel by Huxley |

Huxley apparently had a brief liason with Cunard and then made her a character in this book. The facially disfigured particularly suffered from this, as many could no longer grow facial hair, leaving them to feel somewhat feminine. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.


This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Let us begin with Theodore Gumbril junior, our anti-hero, because he is as lost at the end of the novel as he was at the beginning.

To ask other readers questions about Antic Hayplease sign up. You are hxy using your WordPress. Wrapped in a pink kimono, she came out into the hall to wish him farewell. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I think the answer is that Huxley doesn’t really have anything much coherent to say, in this dull and annoying book.

Unlike most hat writers who go for the immediate gag, Aldous Huxley is more far-reaching. No, this was really impossible.

She repeated them softly now. That was why you sought the last refuge of feeble minds with classical educations, you became a schoolmaster. Certainly, Huxley was a bright and intelligent young thing, and his friends certainly would also have been intelligent and intellectual and arty. Refresh and anti again. His works are notable for their wit and pessimistic satire, though he remains best known for one novel,…. He devoured them and they were at once his own.

Professors and Latin scholars interact with fakes, pretenders, and con-men; it’s a small section of London society at that time.

Email required Address never made public. While Huxley subsequently became fascinated by Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, at this stage he was more conversant with Christian mysticism and had read the work of among others Jacob Boehme as an undergraduate at Oxford.


In Antic HayGumbril feels inadequate in his own body.

But why does Gumbril choose fake facial hair to disguise himself with? It really gave the sense of the post WW1 period, when nothing seemed to have much meaning. Hutchinson, Sir Christopher Wren: Or, no, he would go away and he would make money — that was more like it — money on a large scale, easily; he would haj free and he would live. Myra Viveash ahtic trapped in the past, Lypiatt is the victim of his own enthusiastic mediocrity, Rosie mistakes temporary amusement for meaningful rela There were a lot of interesting passages in this book and plenty of funny wordplay.

There is no discernible plot – instead, various stock characters are dragged in and out of the alcous, essentially caroming off one another in a fairly random fashion.

Gumbril the key male character abandons the mindlessness of teaching to develop his pneumatic trouser bottoms. Please try again later. There’s a sadness here that casts a shadow on the comedy. The cloacre of vice will be dredged for fresh infamies There would be an end of bandstands and whizzing factoriesand one would bay to begin living arduously in the quiet, arduously in some strange un-heard-of manner.

The cyphers begin to develop into characters. Huxley uses the anti-hero canon in the form of Gumbril Junior as a perfect foil to the waning, dissolute gilt of post WWI Britain.