Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives. Alvin Toffler, Author, Heidi Toffler, Author. Knopf $ Revolutionary Wealth has ratings and 55 reviews. Starting with the publication of their seminal bestseller, Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler hav. Alvin and Heidi Toffler celebrate technology’s gains and foresee a richer Their new book, “Revolutionary Wealth,” builds on the framework of.

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Prosumption is not a new phenomenon. Like it is so terrible for science to be “paralyzed. No trivia or quizzes yet. YouTube, social networking, cyber-economies, the Internet, itself, etc. When the Toffler’s wrote this book, we already knew that the educational system of the revoluitonary age was failing young people.

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Revolutionary Wealth – Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler – Google Books

This book is very optimistic abou The whole book in summary: But there is no wealth without capitalism. The major flaw this book has is without a doubt how it seems to jump from fact to fact in order to expose a point. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Mar 13, David rated it really liked it Shelves: The authors say that capitalism is dying just because people share bought stuff for free.

At least the peasants could eat what they grew. All I can say it read it. Farming was the first wave, and industrialism was the second wave. The emerging information wealth revolution comes complete with “prosumer” class who create those who create goods and services “for [their] own use or satisfaction, rather than for sale or exchange”.

Yeah, but what about all the younger people who are supposed to go to school to learn things?! In the past, people sold their food, then they sold their factory created things. More By and About This Author. Little did I image that what I thought I sensed was actually part of the wealth tectonic plates shift.


Although it can get a little boring at times it gave me great insight of how the world economy may be in the future. From the Hardcover edition. That doesn’t mean capitalism is dying.

Creo que la mirada que el presenta anterior a Baumananterior a Georgescu-Roegen es sumamente interesante. And is privacy really so much better here? They live in Los Angeles, California. IN business it was very very clear that our schools are struggling to produce good thinkers. I doubt the authors would be happy if all the hard work they put into this long book got them no money in return. This page was last edited on 24 Julyat What both The Third Wave and Revolutionary Wealth call into question is the very premise of monetary exchange.

Those who take too long to learn the inevitable, will find difficult making sense of their surroundings.

Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler | : Books

Aug 26, Jay rated it liked it. As an avid PROsumer myself, I witness this happening every day, and I’m curious how this change will affect us all in the future.

Sep 05, Paul Gier rated it really liked it.

Accenture, the management consultancy, has dubbed him the third most influential voice among business leaders, after Bill Gates and Peter Drucker. The authors have incredible credibility with their predictions on the rise revolutionsry information technology, the interne Alvin and Heidi Toffler have gone through enormous lengths to write this book which incorporates concepts they have previously written about in “Future Shock”, “Third Wave”, and others.

While they can make someone money, they will never be encouraged by government, because the health care industry wants people to continue seeing regular doctors, who require insurance, so that doctors and insurance companies can keep making money.


Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives

Selected pages Title Page. Knopf books Books by Alvin Toffler Futurology books. Blazing with fresh ideas, Revolutionary Wealth provides revolutioanry with powerful new tools for thinking about—and preparing for—their future.

Don’t need fancy franken-foods to solve health issues. Most of these little sections could probably be discussed at length.

When societies began using money, people then started selling their prosumption and it became producing. So this “revolutionary wealth” is no different than any wealth of the past.

Revolutionary Wealth

Example of this biased optimism about the future: Psychology Economics Management Category: Instead of inventing fancy new unnecessary junk, we should be trying to solve the problems of our world that should be even easier to solve.

That was so rigid and prisonlike.

The existin I am reading revolutlonary book now. Using fascinating examples from our daily lives, they illustrate how our everyday activities—from parenting and volunteering to blogging, painting our houses, and improving our diets—contribute to a non-monetary economy that is largely hidden from economists. As the knowledge-based economy a reality the Tofflers predicted forty years ago continues to replace the industrial-based economy, they argue, money is no longer the sole determinate of wealth.