Poking around in AppleScript shows that the new document’s path is After editing the file the first time I try to save the file I get the above error. tell application “TextEdit” activate make new document set theDate to current date set text of document 1 to theDate as text save document 1 in. TextEdit was running, but it was hidden (therefore all windows are hidden). This just means you hid TextEdit from view. Running your script.

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Optionally create a folder named “Notes” — mine is appldscript my Documents folder. It’s also faster to summon than using AppleScript. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: Do you want your script to run and then hide all the other TextEdit windows, or do you want it to mnimise all the other TextEdit windows instead?

I still consider it a bit of a bug that TE’s warning buttons don’t work — no matter what you select, Overwrite or Don’t Overwrite it overwrites!

  ASTM F1387 PDF

Without the close and reopen, it doesn’t seem possible to save the subsequent changes to the text. I think there are several things going on here, and I would like to probe them all. Created this page in 0. Your second solution closes out of the hidden windows completely, instead of simply making them hidden.

Simple Applescript: Create a .txt file | MacRumors Forums

I replied too fast. Part of it opens a new document and sets it text in preparation for some further asve OS X El Capitan, version Sign up using Email and Password. After editing the file the system eventually tries to autosave it, at which point I see: It chokes on the save the same way it did without the save. Why “don’t own the file”?

So, while it’s not what you want to hear, your script is actually working the way it’s supposed to in macOS. TextEdit was running, applescrpit it was hidden therefore all windows are hidden. Let me try to explain I pasted the script into script editor and saved as application.


User profile for user: Running your script simply makes it visible again along with all its windows except for any that may be minimised. I just want to export all the files in the specified folders to pdf using TextEdit. Or doesn’t it matter?

Simple Applescript: Create a .txt file

Please see the screenshots that I’ve added to my post. I’ve slightly modified it to work with Pages. Powered by the Parse. In your scenario, it’s almost certain that Option 2 applies. I don’t know that this would affect a potential solution, but here teztedit the additional code that follows the above passage x is an integer that is assigned beforehand:.

Monday, December 31, And when I am creating a text file tomorrow it should automatically save the file into tomorrows folder. Post as a guest Name. What’s New in the Forums? The second time it also shows “Locked” after the window title.