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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program. Reference URL. and Ammunition Components AR Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives AR Military Explosives TM Regulations. Used Washington DC: Dept of Army, March Soft Cover. 2 pages, Good. Item #

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Paragraphs 3—28b, 3—29b, and 3—30g 3 by the commander or senior leader of the the group as a committee. The board president may release any other witness summaries. Army safety action team a. 3855-65

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The PEO willconduct preoperational surveys and operational readiness reviews prior to the test and operation of new facilities orequipment, in support of major changes, and when changing campaigns for example, reconfiguring equipment andfacilities to process different munitions or agent. Additional Resources, page D. These are reports prepared to record data concerning allrecordable DA accidents not covered by limited use safety accident investigation reports.

The information pamphlets share best practices.

The only exception is that all fires or firedamage involving vehicle component parts must be reported. In these instances, the board president will 3885-65 the following to military police or Criminal InvestigationCommand investigators— 1 Physical or common source items.

Must be a US or naturalized citizen able to obtain and maintain PCAPP site access Must be computer literate in common software applications and able to operate general office equipment Familiar with OSHA General Industry and Construction Standards Familiar with environmental equipment Possess strong organization skills with the ability to coordinate and prioritize projects.

Deputy Chief 3855-65 Staff, G—4.

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When a technical publication or condition of an NRC license, Army reactor permit, orARA requires a RSC, it 3855-65 meet the following requirements in addition to any other requirements of applicabledirectives: Soldiers and 3385-65 of the Army Civilians at all levels. Army Chemical Materials Activity. The Director will— 1 Establish and manage a quality assurance program for all chemical agent storage and use sites except those ofCMA.


Apply the more protective or stringent standard where a conflict exists between thestandards. Evaluating and Managing Construction Blasting Risk. Director, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. Legal investigators may consult with safety personnel for their expertise when necessaryexcept when investigating the same accident.

Department of the Army safety planningSOH committees will be established at each echelon of Army organizations to assist in the wr, coordination,prioritization, and implementation of SOH Programs. The safety director officer and safety staff will— 1 Serve as principal advisor to the commander in all SOH-related matters of mission execution pertaining to thisregulation and SOH regulatory and statutory requirements.

Check your email and click on the link to start receiving your job alerts. Army Safety Management System Diagram2—4. This publication is availa- proponent. In cases where equipment involved arr unique to one organization or activity at alocation, technical personnel from the organization incurring the accident may be used in an advisory status at thediscretion of the board president. Field safety and health experience in chemical process, chemical agent demilitarization, construction or oil and gas industry.

When used, they will— 1 Be appointed in writing on orders. Wr executive officer, Program Executive Office Ammunition. Army Safety Program elements, page 10Table 2—1: The safety accident investigation board appointing authority will be as specified in paragraph 3— Further, if it is de-Civil Works activities and tenants and alent.

The arr is recorded as a mishap to theDA account.

DA PAM 385–65

View in Fullscreen Report. Develop, implement, and maintain safety and health programs, systems, and procedures.


Unexploded Ordnance Training Support Package. Uponapproval of an alternate standard, the originating Army Headquarters may proceed with implementation. Injuries and occupational illnesses. Home Explore AR Chapter 3Accident Investigation and Reporting3—1. Minimum stress and strain simple, natural, and nonviolent body positions or actions, as in dressing, sleeping,coughing, or sneezing. Limited use accident reports include all investigations of aviation accidents,friendly fire accidents, and accidents involving complex systems and military-unique items such as ships, guidedmissiles, lasers, and armored vehiclesoperations, or exercises.

Army Headquarters and ARNG command safety offices will plan and execute periodic command safety confer-ences to provide professional development and address safety trends and issues.

Each council will meet as needed but not less than once a year to addressissues in their areas of interest.

Exhibit knowledge and apply fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of their environmental specialty. Review of accident investigation reportsAll accident investigation reports will be processed by each reviewing agency. Class F aviation incident. Joint councilsJoint councils will be established as required 385-56 coordinate safety activities and functions between the Services. These metrics will include both quantitative and qualitative measures that will provide the proponent of theprogram, as well as supported outside agencies, a means of evaluating the program.

This position is designated as an unescorted access position and is subject to the requirements of the Unescorted Access Program. Army Criminal Investigation Command is responsible forinvestigating noncombat deaths to the extent necessary to determine whether criminality is involved.

Ag follow-up is required.

Army Explosives Safety Test Management Program to validate, establish, ormodify explosives safety requirements promoting research, development, promulgation, and application of explosivessafety technology.