Title: Ashenden: or, The British Agent Author: Maugham, W. Somerset [William Somerset] () Date of first publication: Buy Ashenden, or, The British Agent New Ed by William Somerset Maugham ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Ashenden was written by Somerset Maugham and published in It was loosely based on Somerset Maugham’s experiences as an MI6 agent during World.

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This is spying at its most maughqm, ordinary, and gut-wrenchingly terrible. I drew my arm very gently from around her, my left arm that was, my right was free, and raised myself on my hand.

Ashenden wondered where she came from; an exile from her own country for so long, she must possess in it neither family nor friends: He did not feel he could cope with a multitude of questions. Fafner nodded slightly to Fasolt, but whether to indicate that he thought Ashenden an imbecile or whether in sympathy with his desire for a safe retreat from a turbulent world, Ashenden had no means of knowing. Suddenly there was a jolt and the train with a noisy grinding of brakes stopped; in the twinkling of an eye, before Ashenden could realise that anything had happened, the Mexican was on his feet with his skmerset to his hip.

Famous as a precursor of Fleming’s Bond and influencing an early Hitchcock film, it is rath Ashenden is a thinly disguised memoire of Maugham’s own period in wartime secret service work.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham (1928)

They are the only ones I read. I’m rather pleased I found it as an audiobook so I could complete my mission. The surroundings made the melodramatic scene in which Ashenden was engaged perfectly grotesque. Ashenden had come from Geneva to meet R. Ashenden consists of a series of short stories, each one or two chapters long. His locales—Geneva, Naples, Paris, Basle, Lucerne, Petrograd—are efficiently and convincingly created, and provide a fine backdrop for Ashenden’s encounters with many memorable characters: It had amused him to come across the Count, for in London before the war he had known him fairly well.


Just as msugham will make use brazenly of the hackneyed phrase, so will chance show itself insensitive to the triteness of the literary convention.

If the book can appear to be callous on the surface, it is only the detachment of the doctor dealing with pain and disease. She has had a stroke and dies in his arms. It also reflects the rather languid air of the novel. When the night-porter fetched me and I went into her room I asked where his highness was and she cried with all her strength: It looked as though, feeling ill, she had taken off the receiver to call for help and then collapsed.


It was obvious that she wore a wig, it was of a mousy brown, very elaborate and not always set quite straight, and she was heavily made up, with great patches of scarlet on her withered cheeks and brilliantly red lips. Ashenden, lying comfortably in his bath, was glad to think that in all probability he would be osmerset to finish his play in peace.

This British Spy Thriller Shows How Thrill-Less Spying Can Be

I see an innocence disguised as mystery. The notion was mysterious, but diverting, and as Ashenden played one rubber after another, joining in the incessant conversation, he watched what maughqm said by himself no less closely than what was said by the others.

She came in with the other market-women and the search at the frontier was perfunctory. He was a neat creature and saw at once that his things, though not in disorder, were not as he had left them. It was as unsatisfactory as those modern novels that give you a number of unrelated episodes and expect you by piecing them together to construct in your mind a connected narrative.

If life, they say, is arbitrary and disconnected, why, fiction should be so maughaam for fiction should imitate life. I do not know the meaning of the word failure. The Flip of a Coin – Flipping a coin to determine a potentially fatal decision.


By the outbreak somerxet the Great War Maugham had written 10 novels and ten plays and was a well-established Edwardian man of letters. The score against him mounted up and up till he had lost something like a thousand francs, which at that time was a tidy sum. Dec 16, Tim Pendry rated it really liked it Shelves: They had reached the end of an admirable repast.

Once more his eyes were held by those other eyes in which was all that remained alive of that old, sojerset woman.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham: Book Review

She had all the gracia of the Andalusian. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Oct ashenfen, DoctorM rated it really liked it Shelves: He suggests that, as Ashenden speaks seve This fascinating, and delightful, book is often regarded as the first spy story and a precursor to Smiley and James Bond. As though for protection very much to his surprise she flung her arms round Ashenden.

It was a bold and ingenious scheme and Ashenden felt a pleasant exhilaration for sahenden great deal of his work was uncommonly dull when he heard of it. The wild weather with a scornful gesture had swept all the neatness from the trim promenade.

Ashenden thought their expression changed when she saw him. She said that the girl was not an inmate, but came there only from time to time and had left. He felt certain that she had something that she wanted urgently to say to him. Infinity War and Aquaman. In all of the stories, Somerrset observes people.