The Astral Plane – C W Leadbeater. PREFACE. Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the fifth of a series of Manuals designed. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Charles W. Leadbeater. · Rating details · ratings · 24 reviews. With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place.

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Written back inwhen it was not common to disclose this kind of information to the general public, it’s still useful and a must read. Suppose a man who has brought over from his past incarnation tendencies requiring for their manifestation a very large amount of the plahe of the seventh or lowest sub-plane, but has in his present life been fortunate enough to learn in his very earliest years the possibility and necessity of controlling these tendencies.

Sinnett desired that Mr.

A good example of the sort of mistake that is likely to occur is the frequent reversal of any number which the seer has to read from the astral light, so that he would be liable to render, say, asand so on. It was a habit of Mr. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Even when our imagination has fully grasped all cs is comprehended in what has already been said, we do not yet understand half the complexity of the problem for besides all these new forms of physical matter we have to deal with the still more numerous and perplexing subdivisions of planf matter.

Annie Besant in It is well known that, in the early days of Spiritualism, many striking objects were transported from distances, showing that the leaadbeater were able to use extraordinary powers.

A refreshingly candid taxonomy of astral phenomena! This latter would be far more distinct and definite — a closer reproduction of the man’s physical appearance; while instead of the floating mist-wreath we see a sharply defined ovoid shape, preserving this form unaffected amidst all the varied currents which are always swirling around it on the astral plane.

Earth, water and air — the solid, the liquid and the gaseous — all exist here on the surface, but broadly speaking it is true to say the solid matter lies lowest, the liquid next to it, and the gaseous matter higher still. In she had begun a series called ” Theosophical Manuals”, consisting [xix] of small books summarizing in brief the Theosophical teaching on various subjects.

Books by Charles W. Very informative, recommended for analytical minds. My receptive frame of mind eventually gave way as the author seemed to become ever more dogmatic and superior, stressing that it was forbidden to divulge certain mysteries, that teaching should only be imparted by ‘Adepts’ due to the dangerous nature of this plane, and that all he was describing was naturally as in ‘nature’ scientific rather than supernatural, the information gathered by explorations of members of the Theosophical Society and verified by comparison between them.

Not bad for a beginner’s guide. I have since arranged the books into a series here on goodreads so that others can read these in order. Needless to say this class is millions of times larger than those [47] of which we have spoken, and the character and condition of its members vary within extremely wide limits. His consciousness is quite complete, and he roams at will through all the divisions of the plane with equal facility.


Those belonging to this class usually employ as a vehicle not the astral body at all, but the mind-body, which is composed of the matter of the four lower or rupa levels of the plane next above.

Theosophy : Astral Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

When the printer’s proofs of the London Lodge Transaction came to Bishop Leadbeater, the manuscript which was in my handwriting was of course returned also. It has frequently been stated in Theosophical literature that when the pupil reaches a certain stage he is able with the assistance of his Master to escape from the action of what is in ordinary cases the law of Nature which carries a human being into the heaven-world at the end of his astral life.

For this reason the little book, The Astral Planewas definitely a landmark, and the Master as Keeper of the Leadbeatr desired to place its manuscript in the great Museum. This etheric shell, however, does not drift aimlessly about, as adtral the variety with which we have hitherto been dealing; on the contrary, it remains within a few yards of the decaying physical body, and since it is readily visible to any plan even slightly sensitive, it accounts for many of the commonly current stories of church-yard ghosts.

When regarded with trained sight it is no mere inert mass of stone. The object of this manual is to collect and arrange the information with regard to this interesting region which is scattered through Theosophical literature, and also to supplement it slightly in cases where new facts have come to our knowledge.

All who see fully on that plane agree that to attempt to call up a vivid picture of this astral scenery before those [13] whose eyes are as yet unopened is like speaking to a blind man of the exquisite variety of tints in a sunset sky — however detailed and elaborate the description may be, there is no certainty that the idea presented before the hearer’s mind will be an adequate representation of the truth.

He sets to work therefore to defend himself, and to hold the astral body together as long as possible; and his method of doing this ppane to rearrange the matter of which it is composed in a sort of stratified series of shells, leaving that of the lowest and therefore coarsest and grossest sub-plane on the outside, since that will offer the greatest resistance to disintegration.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena

The man accepts this limitation as part of the conditions of his new life; indeed he is quite unconscious that there is any limitation, and he supposes that what he sees is all that there is to see, since he knows nothing of the elemental or of its action. While a great body of knowledge concerning Nature’s mysteries had been gathered by the Adepts of past civilizations, that knowledge had hitherto been synthesized not after a detailed [xiv] scientific analysis, but from the reactions of consciousness to the ” life side “.

This is, no doubt, a material method of expressing the reflection of the higher manas in the lower, but a very fairly accurate idea of what actually takes place will be obtained by adopting the aatral that the manasic principle sends leadbaeter a portion of itself into the lower world of physical life at each incarnation, and expects to be able to withdraw it again at the end of the life, enriched by all its varied experiences.


Most students find the investigation of this section an extremely unpleasant task, for there appears to be a sense of density leadbeaetr gross materiality about it which is indescribably loathsome to the liberated astral body, causing it the feeling of pushing its way through some black, viscous fluid, while the inhabitants and influences encountered there are also usually exceedingly objectionable.

The scenery of these lower divisions, then, is that of the earth as we know it; but in reality it is also much more: I worked at it for forty-two days, and seemed to myself to be on the brink of the final victory, when the Master Himself intervened and performed the final act of breaking through which completed the process, and enabled me thereafter to use astral sight while still retaining full consciousness in the physical body — which is equivalent to saying that the astral consciousness and memory became continuous whether the physical body leadbeatsr awake or asleep.

In deep slumber the higher principles in their astral vehicle almost invariably withdraw from the body, and hover in its immediate neighbourhood, though in quite undeveloped persons they are practically almost as much asleep as the body is.

It sometimes happens, however, that the desire for communication is from the other side, and that the dead man has something which he specially desires to say to those whom he has left behind. But just as when leadbeatwr dies to this pane he leaves cq physical body behind him, so when he dies to the astral plane he leaves a disintegrating astral body behind him. The consequence of this will be that he will be able to receive the vibrations from the matter of every astral sub-plane simultaneously, and so the whole astral world will be fully open to his sight.

But that question of physical-plane remembrance is an entirely different matter, and does not in any way affect our power to do excellent astral work. Leadbeeater remember that I had a conviction that a man must be born with some psychic powers and with a sensitive body before he astarl do anything in the way of that kind of development, so that I [viii] had never thought of progress of that sort as possible for me in this incarnation, but had some hope leadbdater if I worked as well as I knew how in this life I might be born next time with vehicles more suitable to that particular line of advancement.

It will save the student much trouble if he learns at once to regard these auras not as mere emanations, but as the actual manifestation of the ego on their respective planes — if he understands that it is the ego which is the real man, not the various [22] bodies which on the lower planes represent him. If he is fortunate enough not to meet with a sensitive through whom his passions can be vicariously gratified, the unfulfilled desires will gradually burn themselves out, and the suffering caused in the process will probably go far towards working off the evil karma of the past life.