GeometryHandler is a class that is used for extracting geometry from a DWG file. It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as. DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file. From this object, client code can request images from within the. An implementation of the MultiFramedImageDecoder class allows to render MS Office documents without MS Office installed. Public class.

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JpegEncoder Class

This class derives from ImageInfoand contains information about the JPEG image such as width, height, and colordepth. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Note that resolution information may only be stored in Jp2 file format images. Collection of pages inside a PDF taalasoft. This class is currently empty and has ataasoft added for future extension. An abstract MustInherit in Visual Basic base class that defines a file format encoder to save an image to a file.

For a given tile, the packets contain data from a specific component, a specific resolution, and a specific precinct.

There are three forms of images that can be retrieved from a DicomDataset: For example, whether to show Annotations imagnig which ones to show. Initializes a new instance of a JpegEncoder specifying the quality, smoothing, and progressive value.


The length of each array will always be a multiple of 3. ProgressiveImage event is fired. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library.

Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Office Namespace

Name Description Dispose Releases all resources managed by this object. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Nearly all of the OnBegin Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company.

Many of the routines take arrays of double precision floating point numbers. DicomImage is a representation of raw or processed DicomImage data. At present, the Z coordinate is ignored since the shapes are projected onto a 2D sheet. This class is used for encapsulating errors encountered while encoding or decoding image files.

Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Dicom Namespace

Returns a string that represents the current object. An ImageDecoder used to read Tla images from a Stream. Represents a single occurrence of an image on a PDF page. Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.

The interleaving of the ocdec can progress along four imagjng Failure to do so may cause the application to throw an exception.

Event handler used when specifying compression in the MultiFramedImageEncoder.

PdfDecoder Class

Gets or sets the quality level of the Jpeg as it’s encoded to a file. Returns true if the given PixelFormat can be encoded with the derived encoder. Defines an event that is used to process segment images. Imaginng abstract MustInherit in Visual Basic base class that defines a file format decoder to read an image from a Stream. This class contains information when a Jp2Decoder.


Gets the Type of the current instance. Contains general information about the PDF file.

If an image is not representable by a DotImage PixelFormat, it will be transformed into the nearest matching Dicom color space. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. An interface that an ImageEncoder can implement when it supports appending an image to the end of an existing file.

All image decoders used in dotImage must inherit this class. The Document class is the top-level class that represents an existing PDF document. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. DicomImage is meant to be used by those who need to do efficient and repeated window and leveling processing of image data. Obtained through the [!: Releases the unmanaged resources used by the PdfDecoder and optionally releases the managed resources. Stores detailed camera information such atalawoft make, model, and data size.

Metadata namespace for more information. Serves as the default hash function.

Serves as the default hash function.