How does a MechWarrior interface with a BattleMech? A companion volume to Total Warfare, the TechManual combines all the construction. BattleTech: TechManual – The Ultimate Grease-Monkey Resource! How does a MechWarrior interface with a BattleMech? How does a. A companion volume to Total Warfare, the BattleTech TechManual combines all the More than just a rulebook, however, the TechManual presents numerous.

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The undisputed master of thirty-first century warfare, the BattleMech seems destined to reign supreme for centuries to come. Use character design templates to quickly generate new characters and NPCs, or even convert older characters from previous MechWarrior rule sets! Eric rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Complete with sample armies and a ready-to-play campaign system, all you need besides this book are dice, miniatures, and tabletop terrain to fight for control over the Inner Sphere on land, sea, and air—one world at a time!

The tools to enhance your role-playing campaigns are here for the taking!

Classic Battletech Techmanual

Total Warfare is the single-source rulebook for people who play BattleTech. Jason Arnold techmanuaal it it was amazing Jun 27, Yet the war for a star system is more than a single battle and a commander that utilizes his supplies and personnel with skill will survive the numerous battles to come.

Justin Crandall rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Mark rated it really tecymanual it Sep 18, Streamlined and updated, it contains all the core weaponry and equipment from previous rules set, as well as the newest, bleeding edge technologies. Much of this information is found in various sources, but is compiled here for ease of reference. Alpha Strikethe miniatures war game. Finally, a complete game system– BattleForce –allows players to use their existing miniatures and mapsheets to play quick, fast-paced BattleTech games, from companies to battalions and even regiments.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Strategic Operations is the one-source rulebook for advanced rules aerospace assets that open the entire conquest of a solar system.

Classic Battletech Techmanual : Catalyst Game Labs :

Yet the sins of man have followed him from the cradle of humanity. Just a moment while tecchmanual sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Time to build your own mech! And other combat and NON-combat things!

Finally, perhaps one of the most anticipated portions of the book, the Alternate Eras section introduces a huge swath of rules for playing across the thousand years of BattleTech history, including weapons and equipment mostly unique to a given era, such as complete rules for building and playing with LAMs. Vorith rated it liked it Jan 31, Tactical Operations is the one-source reference for advanced rules that apply to on-world operations.

Liftoff planet and conquer an entire solar system! The coming of the Clans—descendants of the lost Star League army—did little to stem the slaughter. Choose your life in the universe: Trivia About Classic Battletec Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Mar 09, Xenon rated it it was amazing. With this expansion, players will unlock new tactical abilities, special warrior options, design quirks, and unit types.

Includes a variety of optional rules, terrain and more. Mankind has spread to the stars and spawned titanic stellar empires, each controlling hundreds of worlds across a thousand light years and beyond. Timothy rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Brian Blad rated it it was amazing Feb 25, PDF Preview Available It is the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across human-occupied space.

BattleMechs clash, fighters duel, and infantry swarm across the landscape. Deploy kilometer-long WarShips as escorts, first for JumpShips bridging the gulf between stars, then for detaching DropShips that burn in system to drop troops onto any battlefield. Tiberius rated it it was amazing Jul 11, TechManual also presents numerous sourcebook-style treatises, providing the in-universe context for these units and the technologies of their development.

When was the Gauss rifle or the Particle Projector Cannon developed? A host of new machines, new warriors, and new tactics are unleashed as war rages from the void of space to the earth below.

It only raised the stakes. Howard rated it really liked it Jan 21,