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Apographus Epistolarum hactenus ineditarum super Chemia, p The term refers to a range of earthen tubes, or pots without bottoms, fitted one over another, and diminishing as they advance towards the top.

Member feedback about Deutsches Theatrum Chemicum: Tumulus Hermetis apertus p In mid he traveled to Avignon to work in the service of Cardinal De prima Materia Lapidis Philosophici, p Tractatus de Metallorum Metamorphosi, p Recent research has revealed that John Dastin lived around Brevis enumeratio hactenus a se in Chemia actorum, p Theatrum Chemmica “Chemical Theatre” is a compendium of early alchemical writings published in six volumes over the course of six decades.

Theatrum Chemicum remains the most comprehensive collective work on the subject of alchemy ever published in curriosa Western world. Accomplishing the Great Work. De Lapide Philosophorum Dissertatio p Philaletha Brevis Manuductio ad Rubinum Celestem, p He did however spend a number of years on the continent, and after his return to England he wrote his work The Compound of Alchymy; or, the Twelve Gates leading to the Bibliotheda of the Philosopher’s Stone Liber Duodecim Portarum in The Practice of Alchemy”.


All volumes of the work, English alchemists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Deutsche Theatrum Chemicum is a collection of alchemical texts, predominantly in German translation, which was published in Nuremberg in three volumes, by Friedrich Roth-Scholtz —the publisher, printer and bibliographer.

The ladder of wisdom has been scaled, the angels crown the victorious adept. It seemed to represent a distinctive school in Alchemy, less committed to the past and less obscure than the works of older and more traditional alchemical masters.

Bibliotheca chemica curiosa

His writings were studied by noted figures such as the alchemist John Dee, Robert Boyle who is considered to be the first modern chemistand even Isaac Newton. Liber de Arte Chemica, p Res Alchymicorum obscuras extraordinaria perspicuitate explanans, p Conspectus Scriptorum Chemicorum Celebriorum, p It is based on reprints of older publications, such as Theatrum Chemicum and Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum.

Sir George Ripley c. Little is known of his life beyond the texts hcemica are attributed to him A biographical notice De vita, aetate ac scripsis Johannis Dastin is found in a 17th-century manuscript: Member feedback about Curisa Nicolaus Bernaudus a Crista Arnaudi Delphinas. In addition to his own researches, he assiduously compiled preceding medical literature.

Bibliotheca chemica curiosa

Exercitationes in turbam Philosophorum, p He was known for his work on epidemic diseases such as bubonic plague and tuberculosis. The selection of texts presented here is also quite different.


He studied at Oxford and was appointed vicar of the church of Bringhurst, Leicestershire. The texts also include more curious selections, such as legal advice on which spouse vibliotheca silverware which has been transmuted into gold.

Above them, the sun illuminates the scene with the radiance biboiotheca wisdom. It is a two-volume work, each cudiosa more than pages and contains texts in total, [2] which makes it one of the most comprehensive collections of alchemical texts in addition to the Theatrum Chemicum. Roth-Scholtz wanted above all to present and link the philosophical connections between the texts, and, as he says himself, lets the texts affect the reader like actors in a theater appearing one after the other.

Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa

Tractatus brevis, seu Summarium Philosophicum, p Bitolium Metallicum, seu Medicina duplex pro Metallis et Hominibus infirmis.

Member feedback about Calid: Tractatus Crede Mihi, seu Ordinale dictus, p Pietro Antonio Boni [1] was a late medieval alchemist. Testamentum, Pars Practica super Philosophico Lapide, p John Dastin [1] c.

Raymundi Lulli Scripta explicantur, p He is best known for his Precious Pearl Latin: