In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world in which adults shamelessly insinuate. For the readers still waiting for a substantive follow-up to Naomi Klein’s No Logo, this is the book. Quart, a former media columnist for the. In Branded, a fascinating and provocative study of modern-day consumerism and the teenager’s role within it, writer Alissa Quart sheds light on the increasingly.

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Branded: The Buying And Selling Of Teenagers – Alissa Quart – Google Books

Initially I believed her writing style would be a boring non-fiction book, simply listing statistics that generally do not appeal to me. Suggestion, sure, but aside from the gullible teens or ‘tweens’ that are now going to drink Pepsi because they saw Kirsten Dunst do it in a movie, I don’t see any real forcefulness on the part of the ad companies. Find your local bookstore at booksellers.

Cinema of the InCrowd. Whilst reading each chapter on how the world implements branding within In Branded: Oct 25, Dalena rated it really liked it. Refresh and try again. Very disturbing and frustrating for anyone with kids. Customers who bought this item also bought. Published February 19th by Basic Books first published January 1st For example, Quart says that tweens are easily fooled and will follow all advertisements they see or advertising in movies as well.

Indeed, the author explains that whole classes of products such as sexually-provocative undergarments designed for pre-teen girls are unapologetically marketed to ever-younger children, thereby accelerating the pace at which children develop, perceive and interact with their surroundings.

All in all, I did like reading it, but probably won’t read it again.


It’s also typical of these kids to be home schooled or ‘unschooled’, a practice Quart deems “bohemian”. Over the last years, the research of these groups and their behaviour has become very focused on exactly how best to part them or their parents with their money. How to Start Acting: Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. I felt that the book’s premise and argument was, well, simplistic consumer identity is a driving factor in teenage and tweenage lives I look forward to hearing from my daughters when they are reading it for school, as I suspect there will be more opposition to it from them.

I would highly recommend this book. In Branded, Alissa Quart illuminates the unsettling new reality of marketing to teenagers, as well as the quieter but no less worrisome forms of teen branding: Please review your cart.

I can kind of relate to some things, such as, brands and how important they are to everyone and how they really make or break you. The Rise of Enlightened Sexism. It was written in the early s, so it felt a little outdated to me. People at work probably thought I was reading a pro-branding book over lunch hours, but not so much Generation Y has grown up in an age of the brand, bombarded by name products.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? Textbooks regularly mention Oreo cookies and brnaded problems contain Nike logos. Alissa Quart’s “Branded” explores how America’s youth are increasingly subjected to sophisticated but ultimately predatory forms of corporate marketing and branding.

This book overall was brandd necessarily entertaining, but did provide useful information that will forever be branded inside my brain and made it possible to implement it in everyday life. Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall. In Branded, Alissa Quart illuminates the unsettling new reality of marketing to teenagers, as well as the quieter but no less worrisome forms of teen branding: While Brnded study doesn’t really offer any solutions to the problems at hand, brandwd does effectively capture the almost-arcane realities of modern-day teenage life.


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Definetly something I worry about happening to my kids. This causes the kid to have an strong attachment for the company they’re ‘working’ for, and thus, branding. The author provides aissa lot of information for you to contemplate on how your youth was different from other children’s youth, which I thought was nice.

Teen liposcution has doubled; breast augmentation has increased by almost a third alossa the last five years. I learned that today’s youth is much different than what my parents youth might have been like.

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers

Taking it as what it is though, some of her analysis is rather prescient — she foretells the memoir craze and the rise of Super Sweet Sixteens pretty accurately. Account Options Sign in. I understand the content of branding amongst teenagers and it did open aliss eyes to some things but quarg was not interesting and I feel like this was a paper she did in college and just expanded on it slightly so needless to say it was boring and awful to get thr This book was one of the educational books that I am reading a month.

More Than a Video Game.