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Truly a disappointment of a book and for Mr. Google Inc is a multi-billion dollar company extending their tentacles into every possible corner of commerce and the Internet as possible, and effectively taking over. I deleted my main Google account and created a temporary Google account I nee This has been an interesting read concerning the background of Google and has been a major eye opener to me concerning some of the practices that Google engages in with respect to user privacy, etc.

Hardcoverpages. Open Preview See a Problem? John rated it really liked it Sep 23, Styling himself as “the world’s leading Google critic” in his dust jacket bio, Scott Cleland certainly has an ax to grind.

Some of it is surprising, and some of it is shocking, but at all times, this book will hold your interest. With no remorse, Google takes their time removing the material, but the damage is already done and irreversible. Google routinely says one thing and does another. In short, Google’s a bully. Part two enlightens the reader about why Google Inc is destructive.


After reading this book, readers can decide Google’s level of trustworthiness for themselves.

Braulio Medina Growth Hacker – Braulio Medina Growth Hacker

Graham rated it really liked it Dec 05, The general public as a whole does not realize the hold this seemingly innocent Internet-based company has over their personal information and the sneaky ways they gather and archive such private details of our busqe lives- incl Scott Cleland has bravely done busqeu few have the nerve to do: Cindi rated it really liked it Feb 10, Did I mention it’s repetitive?

Jul 30, Lee Herman rated it did not like it. Sep 15, Nathan Parker rated it really liked it. Jul 24, Hilary rated it really liked it Shelves: Google is the Internet’s lone superpower, the new master of the digital information universe.

Yaro Meer rated it really liked it Sep 23, Google would like to remain seen as an innovative, trustworthy company that offers no threat destrka mankind, operating with the best of intentions and striving to better the world.

Read it and make up your own mind. Nearly all other search engines have fallen by the wayside, and Google is one of the last ones stand Back when Google was just getting started, it simply provided the best search engine that was available at the time. Bitdefender Internet Security Siga-nos nas Redes Sociais. He exposes the unethical company hiding behind destru Don’t Be Evil slogan.


Though the author is quite repetitive with some information, his resources are reputable and from a wide selection of mediums. In three parts, the author runs through the laundry list of crimes against humanity this company gets away with on a daily basis, all in the destua of profit and in the effort to monopolize all of the world’s information. Books by Scott Cleland.

He is also the former U. I found this book to be very eye-opening and am grateful this information is now available to the general dextrua.

Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Acesse remotamente a Central Bitdefender para monitorar suas atividades. Published February 9th by Telescope Books first published May 4th