The content in this book is copyrighted by Aylah50 or their authorised agent(s). All rights are Chapter Candy Hearts & Red Roses. – 3 -. Adair7, Hearts Keeping Time (ExB), You are not allowed to view links. Aylah50, Candy Hearts and Red Roses (ExB), You are not allowed. Candy Hearts and Red Roses by Aylah50 – on see Aylah50’s blog. Carnelian and Ice by Raum – complete. Chase You Down Until You Love Me by .

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It went later than I thought,” I whispered as I climbed into bed. The Cullen Legacy by pattyrose reviews Legacy – A gift; sometimes unknowingly bestowed.

The question is, does she really want to? Canon couples, but not in the canndy way.

Rebecca Grace Allen — Derivative Fiction

And in all of them, I love her. Dandy Level 5 by Gondolier. Once I was alone in my room, I quickly pulled out my cell and dialed the number I’d been thinking of in the back of my mind all evening. This is an unofficial fan site for Robert Pattinson for entertainment purposes only.

FFF Library

Collab with RachelFish and first place winner in the Ruggeddom Contest. When asked to train a woman to help to protect herself and her daughter, he had no idea the trouble he’d find himself in.

  BOGAR 12000 PDF

How tragic it is to see a marriage once so strong reduced to nothing. High Fidelity by IReen H http: The embarrasment on both our parts was interrupted by a cheerful knock at the door. No copyright infringement is intended. I could certainly handle spending the rest of my life cuddling up to someone who looked like that.

A young girl coming into her own. Each stands on its own. But meeting Bella, a free-thinking hippie at Kent State University, will force him to find the conviction to stand up for what he believes in, no matter what the cost.

Dating is even harder. He had fucked me senseless for hours that night, only to wake me up for more of the same before breakfast. Will Alice, convince her to accept Edward’s friend request? A story of risking your heart – risking it all – to discover what you had all along.

The two must overcome their differences and learn to work together in order to survive. And as they say, the rest is friggin’ history. Heiress to Cullen Swan Enterprises, Bella grows up hero worshipping 17 year old joint heir, pseudo step brother and self appointed guardian Edward.


Through each other, they find inspiration, an answer to what was missing. Are jearts trying to kill me? I hate to see them go, especially their father…how do I tell the man I left, the man I divorced that I still love him?

Candy Hearts and Red Roses by Aylah50 (@Aylah50) ~ Complete « TwiFanfictionRecs

The only problem is, he’s not mine. Indecent Proposal by pattyrose reviews Edward’s heart was broken by the girl he’s loved for almost a decade.

Fall to Ruin One Day by sleepyvalentina reviews He wanted to be the most powerful man on earth. Or something like that. His face was only inches away from mine.

Edward is Bella’s Master and is very particular in the playroom. When he was finally standing in front of me, only an arm’s reach away, he suddenly stopped.

Edward Cullen loves his job, but lives for his daughter. Sins of My Past by content1 http: A would be one night stand turns her world upside down.

Esme’s cookies were legendary. T – English – Romance – Chapters: