13 Results Buy CAT D, CAT D, CAT D, CAT D, CAT D at – Page 1 of 1. 11 Results Buy CAT D, CAT D, CAT D, CAT D at – Page 1 of 1. The D Quarry Truck is engineered for performance, designed for comfort, and Torque N·m; Gross Power kW; Engine ModelCAT E; Flywheel.

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Car inspection Call Machine Management Service Cat Dealers help manage equipment investments. Flat Floor Body Caterpillar offers excellent wear characteristics in a flat floor design. Visibility Exceptional all-around visibility reduces fatigue and improves productivity.

Caterpillar 771 D – 1996-2006 specifications and manuals

Engine The eight-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled HEUI engine is built for power, reliability and economy with reduced sound levels and low emission. Operator Awareness Operator awareness through electronic integration and the CEMS, alerting the operator to overspeed conditions and critical machine functions.

For besiktelse ring English Dumper in good condition. All invoices have 5 days payment terms. Torque TCS divides torque equally to reduce stress created on final drives and axles when torque is transferred to one side. The system features three separate displays.

The electronic engine and transmission controls provide exhaustive diagnostic capability for service technicians. Recently conducted 16, hours service. Operator Station Control ease 7771d comfort maximizes productivity.

Pistons A Caterpillar patented, two-piston design combines the service, secondary, parking brake, and retarding functions.

Torque Converter The lock-up torque converter combines the maximum rimpull and cushioned shifting of torque converter drive with the efficiency and performance of direct drive.

Caterpillar D Rock Truck Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

Quick Coupler Quick coupler pressure taps, located in all hydraulic systems, provide clear, quick pressure checks. Oil Filters Vertical, spin-on 771c filters provide for simplified servicing.


Literature Support Caterpillar manuals are easy to use and help provide the 771 value of an equipment investment. Automatic brake modulation provides a smoother ride over manual modulation, allowing the operator to focus more on truck operation down the haul road. Should the sensors fail, normal differential action is still available to maintain control and steering. Back-up Design TCS maintains the back-up design. If your maximum amount is over the reservation price then this will automatically match the reservation price.

Tire Options A full line of tire options, representing various manufacturers, is offered by Caterpillar to maximize performance and life for specific applications. Box-Section Design The D frame uses a box-section design, incorporating 17 castings in high-stress areas, with deep-penetrating and continuous wrap-around welding.

Caterpillar 771D Rock Truck

This system electronically monitors operator and machine inputs to optimize engine performance. Power Train Integration Caterpillar’s power train integration provides increased component life and operator comfort. Transmission Chassis Controller TCC Transmission chassis Controller TCC uses electronically transferred engine rpm data to execute shifts at preset points for optimum performance and efficiency.

Construction Body floor construction uses a 12 degree single slope, offering excellent wear characteristics and uniform dumping into hoppers, crushers, and 77d. Absorbing the braking forces by shearing oil and carrying heat away, this design brake life. Castings Castings have large radii with internal reinforcing ribs to dissipate stress. Hoist Lever Electrohydraulic hoist lever is finger tip actuated and provides low-impact body-down snubbing.

Traction Control System Optional Electronically controls wheel slippage for improved performance. VAT on sales charges is applicable where the buyer is registered in the same country that the auction is sold.

Oil-cooled Disc Brakes Oil-cooled disc brakes are designed and built for reliable, adjustment-free operation providing superior performance and service life in comparison to shoe-type and dry-disc system. The combined sump offers an easily accessible fill tube and site gauges. Differential Action TCS utilizes normal differential action to provide superior maneuvering in poor underfoot conditions. The seat is fully adjustable and includes an adjustable right-hand armrest.


Oil 771v An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. Dumper in good condition. SOS oil analysis points make oil sampling quick, clean, and easy.

CATERPILLAR D For Sale – New & Used CATERPILLAR D Classifieds | Rock & Dirt

Controllability ARC results in excellent controllability and reduced operator effort. Structures The backbone of the Cat truck. Standard Body Standard body comes exhaust heated with options including a full-time muffler or exhaust diverter. Cat Retarding System When retarding, the engine runs against compression on downhill hauls, resulting in minimal fuel burn.

Caterpillar builds Off-Highway Trucks specifically for work in mines, construction and quarries. Transmission and Torque Converter Sump Transmission and torque converter share a common sump. Power Shift Transmission The six-speed, planetary power shift transmission utilizes pressure valve to regulate clutch pressure rise and fall to ease clutch 771e.

Component Life ARC results in improved component 77d1, optimized system cooling capability, and reduced torque fluctuations result from the precision of ARC. Handling charges and VAT is added when applicable. Operating Efficiency ARC results in increased operating efficiency with faster downhill speeds.

Body Options Body options include a full line of standard and custom designs based on specific customer preference, material density, loading tools and site conditions.