When I first began researching the German Body Comp program, I was below is based on the principles of Charles Poliquin’s German Body Comp training. Dec 8, Find out how german body training helped my workout. For those who aren’t familiar with German Body Composition Training (GBC) it was actually the brain- child of world famous strength coach Charles Poliquin. I modified the GBC plan from the recommended super-setting of upper and lower. The German body comp program: Burn fat and build muscle on the only program from the world’s foremost strength coach [Charles Poliquin] on

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Lying Leg Curl4 x, rest 10 seconds A3.

German Body Composition Training

During these phases, you want to stick to second breaks between sets, no longer. For the original article direct from Charles himself, click here.

Putting it Altogether The man responsible for appropriating the above studies was Charles Poliquin, the Canadian born strength coach who has also popularised systems such as German Volume Training, Wave-Like-Loading and a series of other approaches. Diet All 6 Nutrition 2 Supplements 4 View all. Dips for Chest vs. Keeping with this, sufficient protein and dietary fat intake would get that fat loss, muscle growth train moving.

Less body fat and more muscle. There are several ways to organize your training week, but one split is superior for the vast majority of lifters.


I was so impressed by the results I got from this training system and the enjoyment I got out of following it I now intend to cycle it into my training frequently.

However, Profram was shocked when on my first heavy squat day back and everything seemed light! The benefits I gained from using this porgram of program were more than I had anticipated. Pairing incline bench presses and flat dumbbell presses would be a poor one. Here are some suggested movements, along with the prescribed rest periods.

To give a real-life example, pairing incline bench presses and squats is a good choice. Similarly the use of slower tempo speeds is something of immense value to the weight trainee. Losing fat is simple. I’ve always enjoyed training but when I get on to a routine that I like I can sometimes get caught in a trap of not wanting to change it. The lesson here is to never sacrifice quality at the expense of quantity. Tips Metabolic Conditioning For Women. My previous best had been pounds for 6 reps.

For new trainees, especially beginners, this is an important benefit. Bodybuilding All 24 Training 24 View all.

As I persevered with the heavy weights I started experiencing aches and pains in my joints and I felt that I was starting to fight a losing battle. There’s a better exercise to build your back. Lying Leg Curl4 x, rest 10 seconds. Front Squat4 x, rest 10 seconds.

This quick drill does it all: Previously, I have always been a huge believer in progressively moving heavier poundages and I wouldn’t have used this routine if it wasn’t for my need to have a break due to decreasing strength and small aches and pains.


Josh Kumosz Getting you the body you want in less time and with less hassle. Well like all things gym related, your diet plays a key role here. For an advanced athletic program designed by Poliquin see here. Front Squat4 x, rest 10 seconds A2. However, the Athletes version of the program makes some modifications to help balance maintaining or increasing athleticism with improving body composition. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Drop 2 pant chaeles in 1 month: A3 Lateral Raises with Cables 3 25 2 min.

Program Review: German Body Comp for Athletes | All Strength Training

There is a difference. The research uncovered that by raising levels of blood lactate, fat loss could be accelerated. Plus, as the weights increased I was getting the pains back. Short rest periods, large multi-joint movements, and combining lower and upper body exercises.

At first glance, the program seems charlex, perhaps ridiculously so, but if done properly, it is anything but easy. Your body is in a state of catch up for up to 48 hours post workout.