Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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Communist leader Charu Majumdar wrote various articles based on Marx-Lenin-Mao thought during the period, which later came to be known as ‘Historic Eight Documents’ and formed the basis of Naxalite movement. So it took a new form, introduced a new method of exploitation by giving dollars as gift. So, our leaders have gone a long cnaru off the revolutionary path. So every Party member from now on will have to be made habituated to illegal work.


In the final analysis 3 major differences came out. Now, Let us examine the problems in tribal areas. Yet we know that no struggle ieght be waged without making sacrifices.

Yet, even if we leave out the mass movement of Kashmir, the government has killed at least people during the last eight months, the numbers of prisoners have risen to several thousands and one after another, the States have been shaken by mass movements.

A place should be arranged for hiding secret documents.


Maoism as continuation of Stalinism —. They were further told that forcible seizure of land documejts not be permitted. It was the objective form of this that we witnessed in the great victory of the Communist Party in the election.


We are seeing from our experience in India that the dominance of the big monopolists exists on the production of the big industries that have grown in the public sector with Majumdzr aid. The main basis of the Indian Revolution is agrarian revolution.

The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. To get rid of this deviation, we should remain conscious of the Docuemnts viewpoint regarding criticism. So, no revolutionary struggle can be successful unless the masses are roused to make sacrifices. These cadre-groups will carry on political propaganda and will act as units of armed struggle.

The political objective of the working class movement and the democratic revolutionary movement led by it should be projected. The 2 questions to be discussed were whether it was justified to form it, and were appropriate methods used?

So also we want arms. It is in the interest of the working class majumdaf the efforts for development of these nationalities should be supported.

Naxalite Ideology: Charu’s Eight Documents

All the above historic ideological discourse is highlighted to people with extremely violent narrative of revolution. Jinnahpresuming to speak on behalf of the Muslimsand by B. Corruption at the delivery level has severely curtailed the impact of all government welfare programmes in affected areas. So the Indian Government will fail to suppress the ever-increasing discontent of the people. Hence, there was extreme resentment in the local people because of this blatant ignorance of state and central government who infact were already struggling against land grabs, displacement and no rehabilitation, lack of basic facilities, poverty etc.


Thhey organized similar committees below. Imperialist capital demands the arrest of communists as a precondition before investing; so also it wants a temporary solution of the food problem.

Historic Eight Documents () | Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

So, the coming era is not merely an era of big struggles, but also an era of big victories. The characteristics of Marxist criticism are: The tactic of seizure of power of China is the only tactics. Contracting the professed programmes of the ruling class parties with sight actual practice and with the bitter experience of the peole in regard to their worsening economic conditions.

Post was not sent – check cuaru email addresses! F or asimilar reason,the emergence and development of revolutionary democratic elements is delayed. Otherwise by no means the crops can be saved from the enemy.

The political consciousness of the broad masses shall be raised. Thus mass organizations include in them vast sections,I large numbers,who still remain inaccessible to cuaru Party of the Working Class,who are yet not prepared to accept he direct leadership of the party.