It appears that Court de Gébelin had the essay by the Comte de Mellet in his possession Court de Gébelin’s essay is noteworthy for establishing the Tarot as a. Drawn by Court de Gebelin in attempt to show that the Tarot was Egyptian in origin, these cards represent the height of circular logic. They are far more. by Gerardo Lonardoni No Tarot scholar has ever been so often quoted and so little read as the Frenchman Antoine Court de Gébelin. He is unanimously.

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The Sword designated the Sovereign and Military Nobility. We consider its origin, explain its allegories and demonstrate it is the source of modern playing cards, etc. Similarly, they [played] the octave descending not ascending like us. Translating Fleuve to stream significantly deteriorates the allegory. BERTIN who has rendered great service to Literature and the Sciences by the excellent Memoires that he procured and published in China, has mentioned a unique Artifact that was sent to him from this vast Country and dated to the first ages of this Empire, since the Chinese look upon it as an inscription about the drainage of the waters of the Flood by Yao.

Antoine Court de Gebelin (1725 – 1784)

Such are the ills that befall a slave Nation, that it loses even its objects of leisure; having failed to conserve its most precious advantages, why should it claim what is just a relaxing pastime? Yet the historical studies, quoted also by the three contemporary Authors often mentioned in this article, prove they are of Indian origin: Ce must also renege, to save the strong Cards while cutting those of our adversary.


The beautiful idea that Horace framed so well in gold, was not from him, it had not escaped the Egyptians: In the first centuries of cokrt Church, the Egyptians were very widespread in Rome; they carried there their ceremonies and the worship of Isis; consequently the game in question.

In the first centuries of the Church, Egyptians were. She has a double crown with two horns as seen on Isis 2. It is the work of a bad and presumptuous card maker…” All the other [trumps] can be considered to relate to the political and moral Tebelin, the true Government of States: The ideas he claimed as original to him must already have been current in a certain milieu; and where more taeot than in those occultist circles which he frequented with such enthusiasm in the last ten or twelve years of his life?

If you use anything, be sure to include my name and a link back to this site. American real estate capitalism is a thing of the past.

Check here for reports of goings-on in the world of tarot and cartomancy, articles on the history and practice of tarot, and materials on other cartomancy decks. He did not explain why this card is quintessentially Egyptian.

There are also 7 cards worth 5 points in gebelni game. The Cup the Clergy or the Priesthood. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

File:Court de Gébelin – Monde Primitif T. 8 Pl. jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Coin, Commerce designated by money. In he settled in Paris without ever marrying but courrt his Swiss citizenship. Sister civilizations also speak of a [water] DROP or tear, which fell from the Moon at the moment when the Nile crested. For being first, he is cohrt allowed to lay a sequence: This game has been so overlooked that it never was evaluated by experts investigating the origin of [playing] cards: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Each suit is two times seven cards.


His formation was perfectly suited for him to know a thing or two about ancient civilizations which in his day was far from common knowledge and rarely taught. He added that no one before taro had ever guessed its noble origin, and described his surprising insight as follows. Humanity, you should be satisfied, if only all games ended like this!

Antoine Court de Gebelin – Biographical Notes: Tarot and Playing Card Researchers

The Kings the state of each of their governments, the strength of each of the Empires, and since they were more or less considerable since Agriculture was in use a source of inexhaustible and replenishable riches. Our initial understanding are the cards are just as much allegorical compositions relating to the entire aspect of life as [representing] its infinite combinations. If our French Cards, infinitely less complicated [than the Tarot], require the sustained effort of a multitude of hands and the concurrent effort of couft Arts, how could these unfortunate People could have conserved their own [Card Game]?

He only gives value to other cards precisely like our zero; indicating that nothing exists without folly. If such is the case, Tarot would not be the only such game.