NORMA COVENIN (Review ). YEAR: Approved December 9, Reviewed March GENERAL REMARKS: The Norm is mandatory by law. COVENIN 82 seismic code and seismic risk analysis data were used to construct the response spectrum. Furthermore, the earthquake time duration. Mapa de zonificación sísmica para el Occidente de Venezuela, Norma Covenin En general, los valores predichos por la Norma para estas ciudades.

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More statistics for editors and authors Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. Using the Post-tensioned concrete slabs for buildings module, CYPECAD can design the passive reinforcement of post-tensioned slabs, having calculated the forces in the post-tensioned tendons bonded or unbonded tendonsbased on the properties which have been introduced by users.

It were verified for each Limit State considered in this study. New relative displacements are obtained and each element reaches a new damage level, with their change in stiffness, and so the next model is generated.

Along its history, Venezuela has been severely affected by destructive earthquakes [ 1 ]. The seismic action was managed in terms of response spectra and buildings were evaluated in terms of fovenin.

Seismic action used hybrid accelerograms with spectral signals similar to the design spectrum characteristic of the Barquisimeto-Cabudare metropolitan zone in Lara State. Structural ductility for each evaluated building values are presented in Table 5. While this procedure is applied, the strength of the structure is evaluated from it is balance internal conditions, updating at each step the tangent stiffness matrix.

Users have to activate the Interaction with the structure option located at the top. Similarly, interstorey drifts for applied earthquakes, R1, R2 and R3 with its three intensities, were obtained. Verification of section 2. Results obtained from dynamic non-linear analysis confirmed the results obtained from the application of the Quadrants Method. Based on these results it was demonstrated the structural asymmetry of the assessed building since the center of mass does not coincide with the center of rigidity, determining that the greatest torsional moments are on outer columns and inner corners.

Axis Z beams cm. Gran Mariscal con calle Kennedy Edif.


Comparación de las normas sísmicas venezolana, Covenin by on Prezi

Performance points Pp of studied buildings frames. Three-dimensional dynamic analysis applied to RB building allowed determine that interstorey drifts values were under the threshold of the Limit States considered. The approximation carried out by the RB and DBDB buildings reached drifts values below this limit, proving good seismic performance on 7156 buildings; OB presented drifts values which exceeded this limit.

The structures are modeled by incorporating the structural response when it incurs in the material and geometrical non-linear range, produced by high deformations caused by accidental excitations earthquakes [ 11 ]. Based on the code Only option in previous program versions covemin these codes. This is an important feature that confirms the negative effect of the irregularity combined with the seismic action.

Mariama Njie –

The seismic performance of the new designed building was tested with the Quadrants Method and dynamic analysis, showing that the resizing structure met all the Limit States used in this research.

The Quadrants Method can provide an objective criterion in order to upgrade the seismic capacity of a structure. In the verification of interstorey drifts it was generally noted that interstorey drifts of OB building were longer than the considered by hazard levels, while the two resized buildings reached values within the thresholds established for each Limit State.

Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden.

Seismic Evaluation of Low Rise RC Framed Building Designed According to Venezuelan Codes

This way, the automatic generation of intermediate states option will be available to them. Inelastic static analysis is more reliable than linear methods in the prediction of the parameters of response of buildings, although this method has no response on the effects of higher modes of vibration.

Both values are used to define two dovenin over the capacity curve, the elastic base shear dovenin an horizontal axis and the damage threshold defines a vertical axis, then Capacity Curve is divided in four spaces or quadrants, see Figure 2. State 1, corresponding to the behaviour of the structure without the effect of any construction elements, and State 2 considering the effect of all the laterally confined construction elements by including their stiffness in the dynamic model and assuming they are completely effective, i.

For the dynamic analysis the structures were subjected to seismic action see Table 2 defined by accelerograms built on the basis of a likely value of maximum acceleration of the soil and the hazard level associated with the location of the structure and other seismic characteristic design parameters [ 16 covenjn. This minimum value is equal to a percentage of the shear at the base of the structure base shearwhich is calculated using a static method.


The RB building is analyzed, defining its geometry, materials and sections, serviceability loads in Y direction in all beams-columns joints, and dynamic loads on outer nodes with directions and combinations shown in Table 4.

If the performance point is on the right side of the vertical axis Quadrant I means that the building has adequate stiffness, otherwise Quadrant II it means that the stiffness is very low and the displacements can be longer than the displacements that can produce advanced structural damage, technically or economically irreparable.

Thus, this paper presents a proposal for the generation of an artificial accelerogram compatible covnin a regulatory response spectrum.

The 3D non-linear dynamic analysis is based on the procedure explained in [ 20 ]. Nonetheless, and as it is not possible to generalise for all these cases, it is recommended the To study a seismic record for the dynamic analysis of a structural model parameterized to measure earthquake intensity.

In this case it is possible to combine some traditional reinforcement techniques with new ones like FRP jacketing. Report justifying the calculation of the internal thermal energy This report justifies the calculation of the internal thermal energy of the occupied units of the building units which can be obtained for each occupied unit or covejin a group of them.

In small increments of linear loads, equilibrium is expressed as: Please bear in mind that users who have any version can update to the latest version for free. Now, with the The Quadrants Method presented in this paper is suitable for rapid and reliable evaluation of structures, with a low calculation effort.