Refer to the CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual ( W) for details on programming opera- tions. CPM2C Features and. Part number. Operation manual. CPM2A operation manual. W Programming manual. CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual. All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word “Unit” is also capitalized when it refers to an OMRON product, regardless of whether or not it.

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Use M3 crimp terminals and tighten the terminal screws to a torque of 0. The following diagrams show separate RSC port and Peripheral port configurations, but both ports can be used simultaneously. Correct the short circuit or limit Has the external the connected load to the spec- power supply shorted ification range. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Page Output signal ranges: Output Indicators The output indicators are lit when the corresponding output terminal is ON. Check level 0 checks for type A, B, and C errors; check level 1, for type A and B errors; and check level 2, for type A errors only. Section Battery Replacement If power has not been supplied to the PC for an extended period of time, turn ON the power supply for at least 5 minutes before replacing the battery.


The password prevents unauthorized access to the program.

These differences are caused by changing execution conditions. The key functions for these Pro- gramming Consoles are identical. EC Directives Countermeasure Examples When switching an inductive load, connect a surge protector, diodes, etc.

Page 99 Do not connect bare stranded wires directly to terminals. Use crimp terminals cpm2s solid wires not stranded wire to connect to the PC. Page 29 One analog output: Preparation For Operation The password prevents unauthorized access to the program. DM to Not affected. Terminal screw size Power interrupt time AC power supply: Section 4 describes how to connect the Programming Console, and how to perform the various program- ming operations.

Page 8 Section 4 describes how to connect the Programming Console, and how to perform the various program- ming operations.

Page numbers refer to the previous version. Fork terminal Ring terminal 6. Host Link, 9, bps, 7-bit data, 1 start bit, 2 stop bits, and even parity. Failure to do so may result in Unit malfunction.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Input time constant Can be set for all input points.


OMRON CPM2A – 11-2005 Manual

Confirm that no adverse effects will occur to the system before downloading. Supports the pulse output PV read operation. The following examples show how to input a new SV constant and how to change the SV from a constant to an address. Lift up the lock lever.

OMRON CPM2A – MANUAL Pdf Download.

Special instructions instructions, variations 79 instructions, variations LD: Determine the cause of the error with a Programming Device. Refer to the Programming Manual for details.

Page 31 noise, preventing electrical noise, 49, 53 program execution, in cyclic operation, 16 noise immunity, 30 program memory, setting address and reading content, Pro- non-fatal errors, troubleshooting, gramming Console, — Clm2a current output, connecting, 63 PROGRAM mode, description, Identify the error, eliminate its Is a non-fatal error cause, and cpm2aa the error. Fatal Errors Unit configuration. Appendix B Dimensions All dimensions are in millimeters.

Page Tighten screws or Are there any loose terminal screws or bro- replace wires.