Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Graphics and Multimedia Notes pdf – GM notes pdf materials with multiple file links to download. The Graphics. CS GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Questions Bank Anna University e) Scaling. 6. Write short notes on two dimensional viewing & anti aliasing. 7. Cs – Graphics and Multimedia – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text (a) Write short notes on: [4 marks each] (i) Voice over IP.

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What are the different types of server available? Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Define B-Spline and Bezier Curves? Brief about select function and shut down functions.

cs1354-graphics and multimedia kings college of engineering

What are the uses of computer graphics? Write down the classification of display devices 7. What are the types of clipping? What is the difference between text clipping and character clipping?

CS1354 – GRAPHICS $ MULTIMEDIA Unit – 1 Part

Define quantized coefficient 9. What are the types of database replication?


What is called Graaphics compression based on Compression? Reflect the given triangle about Y-axis. What are the levels of definition in JPEG standards?

Write short notes on jpeg 3. Explain the data stream characteristics for continuous media. Rotation including all cases 5 b. Reflection about origin h.

Explain different types of color model in detail. Write down 3D translation vector and 3D transformation matrix for translation 7.

E Civil 5th Semester Question Write any 5 components of distributed multimedia system. List the benefits of DCT 7. Explain the data stream characteristics for continuous media. Draw the IMA architecture framework 6. Kinematics of Machinery Questions Bank What is surface rendering? List the main attribute, benefits and drawbacks of 3 types of authoring systems.

Cs Graphics And Multimedia Notes Pdf

Briefly explain integrated document management in multimedia. Explain the multimedia user interface 7. Define 2D reflection and 2D shearing Draw the CIE chromaticity diagram and explain. What is mini disk? What are the multimedis provided by User Interface Agent?

Explain 3-D Technology and Holography. Write the 3D transformation matrix for a. Explain time based and object oriented multimedia authoring tool 5.

What type of software technology used for multimedia application? What is polygon clipping?


Define CIE chromaticity diagram Explain three dimensional Viewing and Functions. Explain three dimensional geometric and modeling transformations. What is the use of audio and video indexing? State the uses of chromaticity diagram Write the four basic technologies used for flat panel displays Explain note Technology and Holography. Differentiate embedding and linking Write short notes on multimedia system architecture grapgics.

What are key issues in data organization for multimedia systems?

Mention some of muultimedia evolving technologies of multimedia Explain Distributed multimedia systems 9. List out the processes involved in the creation of should track.

csgraphics and multimedia kings college of engineering

What gra;hics the use of Data Glove? How to create hypermedia message? Distinguish between multimedia system and hypermedia system. List the object display and playback issues