Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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S Reset Period At the end of a measurement cycle or in hold, the circuitry is placed into a reset condition. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

Apply V, 50kHz and adjust C82 for 10611a display reading of This will be necessary with the AcHf key. Should an overload signal then be applied, the resistor chain limits the current and the power dissipation is such that V can be applied continuously.

Centralize R and R Positive temperature coefficient thermis- tors R3, R4 and diodes D1, D2, protect the Analog Output circuitry from accidental input applied to the Analog Output external connector. Short together pins ‘D’ and ‘E’ 10061a Digital assembly. The REF 2 signal changes the state of the A line ratron the analog section to ramp down at a slower rateresets the ‘null detect’ latch and enables the secondary counter of M23 Pin 13 to count the period of REF 2.

Bootstrap sheet 2 Bootstrapped supplies are generated which track the input signal directly BStrack the input signal with a positive offset of -H2 V -hBS and track the input signal with a negative offset of — 12 — BS. A line is also provided to instruct the micro- processor which options are present and if the AC assembly is measuring a signal above 5kHz. Skip to main content.

Thus the difference between input signal and power supply around the input stage is maintained constant whatever the input signal. This regulator is capable of 1 amp output and has foldback current limiting and thermal shut-down, to provide short circuit protection.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

Apply —1 volt d. This voltage offset drift is kept small for changes of temperature by compensating the input bias current of Q10 11061a the current in R67, which changes with temperature due to the voltage drift at 01 0 emitters. It is also bootstrapped tracking of both ground lines and supply voltages with input 1061aa being essential for correct operation of input bias compensation, temper- ature compensation and common mode rejection.


For the purpose of explanation the same symbols are used, regardless of whether the switching is accomplished electronically F. Adjust scope trigger until the trace is triggered by the first pulse of each reading burst. Repeat until display reads less than 50 digits. The resulting voltage output from the DC Isolator is applied to the A-D converter, measured and compared to the stored value.

The varicap is thus adjusted to give the amplifier chain a flat frequency response. Check display is lOO. Remove the lower cover. The multiplexer is then placed in a reset condition ready for the next measurement The resistor chains RR43 and RR90 are binary daron. Q12 is a well matched monolithic NPN transistor pair exhibiting minimal voltage drift and low datfon charact- eristics, the output being buffered by M Up to volts is present inside the instrument.

10611a pipeline comprises three levels. Note; To reduce the effect of noise at low input levels, AC zero calibration is carried out at 0.

The output of the amplifier is attenuated by 3. This means that the instrument can be entirely calibrated remotely or under program control. An inverted and attenuated version of the integrator output voltage is developed across R5. Note that when the address lines are in the state the output of Mil pin 11 selects the anode to block 1, selects the anode to block 3 Ml Do not solder in R In addition, if the covers have been removed, make certain that they are correctly fitted and that the leaf contacts to the Earth and Guard Shields are in good shape.

Replace with new battery, Datron Part No. Remove the top cover. Thus depending on the position and down period of the pulse, the count held is increased or decreased.


Steps v and vi are used only when I or 12 is selected. The ID lines are set to the appropriate pattern and the information is clocked on to M13 and M14 by a delayed low to high edge from Mloriginating from I A0 going low. SMHz for 50Hz line, 1. The output of bridge rectifier W2 is fed to voltage regulators M2 and M3 wired in seriesto produce positive and negative 15 volt supplies to power the analog circuitry.

The output current from the RMS module passes into filter-buffer Ml and is converted to a nominal 5 volts for a full range signal. The positive bootstrap supply h-BS is generated as a current source comprising Q26 and the shunt regulator, Q27, referenced to D If necessary change C81 to a value which permits this adjustment. The top, level 1, reflects the state being programmed, the second, level 2, the state of the measurement circuits and the third, level 3, the measurement being processed.

DATRON Digital Multimeter | eBay

Datron products, number andare available as ‘Lin’ and ‘Ib’ sources and are recommended. Select IV range and apply 1 volt, Hz. Select V range and apply -M9mV. The calibration procedures presented in the following pages should cater for most calibration situations. The display block selection is achieved by decoding these 4 lines into 16 bits using Mil.

Latched data from the microprocessor is passed through opto-isolators, decoded and latched again on an analog assembly to select function, range, test, average and the D – A converter set up conditions. This signal contains about mV peak to peak high frequency noise. DC V F3 Range: Back to home page Return to top.

Switch off instrument and make negative reference links A to C, if cut i.