No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Osamu Dazai’s “No Longer Human” comprises a series of three fictionalized notebooks, with each increasingly darker than the last. Portraying himself as a failure, the protagonist of Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human narrates a seemingly normal life even while he feels.

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How and when does a human being reach a stage where not only does the essence of his individuality vanishes amongst the darkest terrains of societal dogmas, but is terrified of its very own species?

No Longer Human : Osamu Dazai :

It’s not sociopathy, it’s more like catastrophic self-awareness. It’s one of those books which I wish I had a printed copy so that I could smell and underline mostly everything, write comments next to paragraphs etc. English Choose a language for shopping. People normally seem to be hiding this true nature, but an occasion will arise as when an ox sedately ensconced in a grassy meadow suddenly lashes out with its tail to kill the horsefly on its flank when anger makes them reveal in a flash human nature in all its horror.

Retrieved from ” https: Eventually he marries longerr poor naive little thing, attracted to her lack of artifice and her defenselessness. I kinda think aha!


Grim thoughts all the huma, super self destructive, at once alienating and distributing “cries for help” or whatever you wanna call it I feel like I learned daazi as much about myself as I did about the narrator. That is the one and only thing that I have thought resembled a truth in the society of human beings where I have dwelled up to now as in a burning hell.

He uses a lot more punctuation than I did, but it’s every bit as tiresome. Loneliness and suicide, but with a new look. I still feel like crying, and my heart still feels heavy, but yeah It’s staggering how much self-hatred a human being could bottle up inside himself.

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

Open Preview See a Problem? Dito de outra forma: He is able to find some solace, at least temporarily, in drink and women.

Fails to deliver and didn’t captivate me or draw me in in any serious way at all. From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan: There’s stuff in translator Donald Keene’s forward about the modernization of Japan and influence of American culture.

Aug 28, Magdalen rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Best Books of The way the author looked at society is not of the norm but very observational. View all 24 comments.

Retrieved December 19, He was so desperate to feel like a human being that most of his actions were in service of someone dazau. Yozo’s feigned emotions, which culminated with the perfect role of the farcical eccentriclonget shielded the people who cared about him from his recurrent fears, though the element he chose to protect himself and them, who knows was deception.


I am not someone who immediately trusts in people, especially after many close encounters with disappointment.

Dazai has written a bleak and beautiful look at the anguish of the loner, the misfit, forever forced to look at himself in the mirror and spot nothing but his defects and disfigurements – yet at the same time, the reader also sees quite clearly that Yozo is narcissistic to the extreme, too lazy and resigned to make the slightest effort to help himself, terribly misogynistic to the parade of women who make sacrifices to save him, only fazai face the inevitable abandonment – even during a death pledge.

Which view humab correct?

This friendship, however, does not last after graduation. There is little symbolism in the novel. It’s a brilliant novel, that’s worthy of your time. And the more nervous they are- the quicker to take fright- the more violent they pray that every storm will be