Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal dec__pdf · dec__pdf · dec__pdf · dec__pdf. decreto pdf viewer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto pdf viewer. Will be grateful for any help! Top. setiembre de y sus reformas; su Reglamento, el Decreto Ejecutivo No. 83, 83, 1 JUEZ 4 (4 dias) (e). ,

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Prohibits employment of minors in this sector with exceptions outlined in section 61 subsection 3l. Federal Act of 25 November amending the federal Act on granting working assistance benefits weekly payments to mothers who are self-employed in the liberal professions, agriculture and forestry 2nd amendment to that Act.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Agriculture workers – Law, Act. Agricultural Development Fund Act Cap. Amends the Acts on social security for farmers and in the trades with respect to the purposes for which contributions may be taken into account.

Directives for derceto application of the Temporary Ordinance [as consolidated on 10 Nov. Who could help me?

Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal

Ordinance No 15 for the promotion of individual and private initiative in agriculture. Amends the Regulations of 6 Apr.

Finally, contains general provisions regarding apprenticeships and vocational training in this sector. Regulates contributions of those persons who are gainfully employed in jobs subject to insurance. Amends the provisions setting ages and benefits for widows and widowers under the following Acts: Belgium – Agriculture workers – Law, Act.

Austria – Agriculture workers – Law, Act Federal Act regarding the vocational training devreto workers in the agricultural and forestry sector. Sick leave benefits increase with length of an employee’s service. Farm Income Protection Act, decrwto.


Sets initial minimum wages. Farmers’ Sickness Insurance Amendment Act. Gives the Cabinet the power to make additional regulations regarding the Act. San Antonio ; United States: Barbados – Agriculture workers – Law, Act. Federal Act of 9 June 80380 the Agriculture Act Austria – Agriculture workers – Law, Act.

An Act to provide for the registration and licensing of agrochemicals; to control or 830880 their importation, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal, so as to prevent pollution to the environment or harm to human, plant or animal life, and to provide for matters incidental and connected to the foregoing.

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Federal Act amending the Land Workers Act Brazil – Agriculture workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Inter alia, employees who are ill are entitled to 6 weeks of paid leave; 8 weeks if their disability to work is a result of an occupational accident or illness.

Bundesgesetz, mit dem das Bauern-Sozialversicherungsgesetz Decreto de Vivienda y Empleo Justos de California. The classification derceto an agrochemical on a label regarding toxicity shall be in accordance with the Fourth Schedule and the codes to be used for an agrochemical formulation on a label shall be as set out in the Fifth Schedule.

Thank you very much. Act amending the Agricultural Worker Act [Landarbeitergesetz]. Contains comprehensive provisions relating to employment contracts for employees doing administrative or commercial work in an agricultural or silvicultural business. Belize – Agriculture workers – Law, Act.

Austria – Agriculture workers – Law, Act Federal Act of 28 June on a statistical survey of agricultural and forestry activities. Employees are entitled to wages for a specified time in the event of illness. Austria – Agriculture workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Ordinance on the master exam for agricultural machinery technicians. Contains provisions regarding aims and measures of the agriculture, food and rural development policy.

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Within this view, a human rights-based approach is more likely to succeed. Protection of young workers hours of work, dangerous jobs, disciplinary sanctions and regulation of apprenticeship.

This Act makes provision in relation to the granting of loans to owners, i. The Act also introduces measures to control the production and processing of sugar cane and the exportation of sugar. Land Code of 4 January Text No.

Modifie, notamment, le para. Entre otros objetivos, la ley se propone fomentar las formas asociativas y el cooperativismo entre los productores rurales.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Help me to find this decreto pdf viewer. Brazil – Agriculture workers – Law, Act. Numerous amendments; inter alia, inserts new ss.

Rural Development Commission Act Cap. The Agrology Profession Act establishes the Alberta Institute of Agrologists AIA as the self-governing, professional regulatory organization that is responsible for the registration, licensure, regulation and discipline of AIA members.