Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands. “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that. Der Zahlenteufel. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger at – ISBN – ISBN – DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch – : Der Zahlenteufel () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands “The zahlenreufel may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that translates to ‘a pillowbook for everyone who is afraid of math’.

Henry Holt and Company. A Mathematical Adventurebased on the book. To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. The only thing that bothers me is that they use fake and “quirky” names for the mathematical concepts. It presents mathematical concepts in an easy-to-understand but NOT dumbed-down way for children who aren’t yet able to read math textbooks for fun yes, there are people like that!

Archived from the original on 21 April Retrieved 7 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because he was displeased with the way mathematics was taught to students at school, the German author decided to pen a book that teaches mathematics in an innovative way.

This work of mathematical fiction is recommended by Alex for children and young adults. It’s a great book because it is easy to read and gets kids to think about mathematical ideas. I fear I’m missing something, here!

Enzensberger is a respected German novelist not at all a mathematician who wrote this book to show to children that serious math is great fun and not difficult.

Though I found the math, explanations and diagrams mathematically sound, I did not find the definition of irrational numbers sound. Retrieved 23 October Contributed by Donna Meehan This is the summer reading book for our incoming 8th graders.


Contributed by Summer Joy I love this book! The find it humorous, and imaginative, as they discover the world beyond the math book. On the third night, the Number Devil brings Robert to a cave and reveals how prima-donna numbers prime numbers can only zahlentsufel divided by themselves and one without a remainder. Retrieved 5 September Few books are written that convey the wonder of zahlenreufel.

Robert finds himself at the North Polewhere the Number Devil introduces irrational numbers unreasonable numbersas well as aspects of Euclidean zshlenteufelsuch as vertices dots and edges lines. He defined them as irrational. Did they think that a devil would scare Italian children, or that it would enrage the Catholic Church? The seventh night brings Robert to a bare, white room, where the Number Devil presents Pascal’s triangle and the patterns that the triangular array displays.

FantasyDidacticChildren’s Literature. Contributed by anonymous visitor. The list of historical figures in dfr back of the book is a great reference and a nice segue into a unit plan for integrating writing and reading into a math classroom.

It was ok for me, because I know what they are actually called; however, if a student was reading the book for themselves, they may have issues translating those ideas when they see them in class. It helps to capture the magic of numbers. The book was met with mostly positive reviews from critics, approving its description of math while praising its simplicity. The book was a hit across Europe, becoming a best seller in at least Spain, Germany, [8] the Netherlands, [9] and Italy.

Ball and Bass were concerned with The Number Devil ‘s negative characterization of math teachersits apparent presentation of mathematics as magical rather than factualand a number of other contentions.

Looking back on it now, I think this book was one of the main reasons i took such a liking to math. They are called the unreasonable numbers, and the reason they’re called that is that they refuse to play by the rules.


The Number Devil received mostly positive reviews from critics. Contributed by Anna This is without doubt one of the best mathematical fictions I’ve read.

Der Zahlenteufel PDF Download – AnthonyNCarl

However, I have to say that the number devil is a little on the sarcastic side which, if he was a real person, would turn off a mathophobic middle-schooler. Contributed by Sue This book is the best – I am reading it to my zahlehteufel year old daughter – one chapter a day and she loves it.

At Number Heaven, Robert learns of imaginary numberswhich Teplotaxl describes as imaginative numbersas well as the Klein bottle. We read this book to learn and have fun. Retrieved 3 September Here’s just the book for you”. Enzenberger does a marvelous job of making seemingly difficult number theory concepts fun and easy to understand. I had never imagined what had awaited me!

I really wish that the book would have just put the actual names of the concepts, and not tried to be as cute.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Retrieved 21 December Contributed by Maria I am in seventh grade. Notices of the AMS. I have recommended this to many of my homeschool friends. The Number Devil teaches Robert about natural numberswhich the Number Devil calls garden-variety numbersthe unusual characteristics of infiniteand infinite series. I would think to myself, “Now this is what math can be like, once you get past all the ‘eight azhlenteufel seven equals fifty-four English, Math, and Art.

The translation was particularly difficult in that it required special attention to the numerical aspect of the book.