Summary This story begins well before the trial, tabloids and scandal shook San Bernardino Valley in the autumn of One must. Diction: Didion writes as if she witnessed the events. Her word choice transitions into a story after she conveys the setting. Sentence. I approached my first Didion essay with the mixture of reverence and expectation of physical gratification that some reserve for the chocolate.

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Cattle graze across the road, and Rainbirds sprinkle the alfalfa. On the night of the accident, Sandy Slagle was in her dormitory at Loma Linda University, but Lucille Miller called her early in the morning and asked her to come home.

Two months dragged by, and the headlines never stopped. Instead he bought a dental practice in the west end so,e San Bernardino County, and the family settled there, In a modest house on the kind of street where there are always tricycles and revolving credit and dreams about golren houses, better streets. When Lucille Miller was arrested the next afternoon, Sandy Slagle was with her.

The next morning the Haytons’ daughter found her mother in bed, dead. She does not remember jumping out. The bride wore a long white peau de soie dress and carried a shower bouquet of sweetheart roses with stephanotis streamers.

Joan Didion – ‘Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream’ (1966)

But the Millers’ season of trouble was not to end that easily. She did not stop, but she slowed down, and in the flames she could see her husband.

Suffice to say, by they had reached the familiar season of divorce, but lf seemed reconciled after counselling. I don’t love Elaine. Email required Address never made public. Lucille Miller might cream panicked then—after she had killed the engine the third or fourth time, say, out there on the dark road with the gasoline already spread and the dogs baying and the wind blowing and the unspeakable apprehension that a pair of headlights would suddenly light up Banyan Street and expose her there—and set the fire herself.


Any doubts about the death at the time, however, had never gotten as far as the Sheriff’s Office. This essay is full of everything you gollden to make a great story. I like her none judgmental telling of this story and I hope that the dirion of her book of essays Slouching Toward Bethlehem is equally as captivating as this first one. I mean, I’ve got concrete has nothing concrete. Unhappy marriages so resemble one another that we do not need to know too much about the course of this one.

Asked by a reporter if he denied having an affair with Mrs.

Blogging Joan Didion, “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream”

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Foley produced witnesses who said that it could have been. One must understand how significant it is to shake a place like San Bernadino, where the Mojave haunts quiet spaces between billboards, and Santa Ana winds reach m. This is the country in which a belief in the literal interpretation of Genesis has slipped imperceptibly into a belief in the literal interpretation of Double Indemnity, the country of the teased hair and the Capris and the girls for whom all life’s promise comes down to a waltz-length white wedding dress and the birth of a Kimberly or a Sherry or a Debbi and a Tijuana divorce and return vidion hairdressers’ school.

By the time the trial opened, Lucille Miller’s appearance folden maternity clothes, for an official examination on December 18 had revealed that she was then three and a half months pregnant, a fact which made picking a jury even more difficult than usual, for Turner was asking the death penalty. Early in December there had been an abortive first trial, a trial at which no evidence was ever didino because on the day the jury was seated the San Bernardino Sun-Telegram ran an “inside” story quoting Assistant District Attorney Don Turner, the prosecutor, as saying, “We are looking into the circumstances of Mrs.


Robert Swenson called the sheriff, and then, at Lucille Miller’s request, she called Harold Lance, the Millers’ lawyer and their close friend.

Some people around San Bernardino say that Arthwell Hayton suffered; others say that he did not suffer at all. Some Dreamers of the golden dream is a very descriptive murder mystery by Joan Didion.

Notify me of new comments via email. I myself have the same doubt. Although this version accounted for some of the physical evidence, the car in low because it had been started from a dead stop, the parking lights on because she could not do what needed doing without some light, a rear wheel diidon in repeated attempts to get the car over the embankment, the milk cartons upright because there had been no sudden stop—it did not seem on its own any more or less credible than Lucille Miller’s own story.

Here is Lucille Miller talking to her lover sometime in the early summer ofafter he had indicated that, on the advice of his minister, he did not intend to see her any more: Later on the tape, Ths asked where Cork Miller was. Lucille Miller does not like it at Frontera, and has had trouble adjusting.

Didion’s Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream | Jaceredracer’s Weblog

The clothes you wear and the socio-eonomic status of your neighborhood tell the story, tell the person. All they were doing was picking a jury, those first few days, but the sensational nature of the case had already suggested itself.

Don Turner waived his drwamers request for the death penalty it was generally agreed that he had demanded it only, in Edward Foley’s words, “to get anybody with the slightest trace of human kindness in their veins off the jury”and settled for life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.