Diodorus Siculus fl. 1st century BC) or Diodorus of Sicily was a Greek historian. He is known for writing the monumental universal history Bibliotheca historica. Diodorus Siculus, Greek historian of Agyrium in Sicily, ca. 80–20 BCE, wrote forty books of world history, called Library of History, in three parts: mythical history. Diodorus opens the Fourth Book \^ith a defence of Diodorus took generously from a Praise of Heracles Uterary sources, a history of Sicily and the western.

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They wear rough black cloaks, the wool of which resembles the hair of goats. Alexander in Babylon; the burning of Persepolis; death of Darius.

Rise of Alexander the Great: Diodorus Siculus as depicted in a 19th-century fresco. Carthage’s Mercenary War; Carthaginian advances in Iberia.

This island stretches obliquely along the coast of Europe, and the point where it is least distant from the mainland, we are told, is the promontory siculu men call Cantium, 10 and this is about one hundred stades from the land, 11 at the place where the sea has its outlet, 12 whereas the second promontory, known as Belerium, 13 is said to be a voyage of four days from the mainland, and the last, writers tell us, extends out into the open sea and is named Orca.

All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. It is held by many kings and potentates, who for the most part live at peace among themselves. Demetrius against Ptolemy; Agathocles master of most of Sicily.

Caesar, Gallic War6. The Sicilian narrative recounts the beginning of the Second Carthaginian Warculminating in the rise of Dionysius the Elder to the tyranny, 75, Since their labour entails such hardship as this, it is only by perseverance that they surmount Nature and that after many distresses they gather scanty harvests, and no more.

An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make.

Some of these javelins come from the forge straight, others twist in and out in spiral shapes for their entire length, the purpose being that the thrust may not only cut the flesh, but mangle it as well, and that the withdrawal of the spear may lacerate the wound. But we shall give a detailed account of the events of this conquest in connection with the appropriate period of time, 9 and at present we shall discuss the island and the tin which is found in it.


The Prologue announces the importance of cohesion within narratives – a book or chapter should, if possible, narrate an entire story from start to finish. Finally he describes the islands of H iera and Panchaea in the southern ocean, and the Greek islands. And those who have been condemned in this way—and they are a great multitude and are all bound in chains—work at their task unceasingly both by day and throughout the entire night They are also boasters and threateners and are fond of pompous language, and yet they have sharp wits and are not without cleverness at learning.

Diodorus Siculus: Historical Library

His diodorux sources are believed to be Hecataeus of Abdera and Agatharchides of Cnidus. Further revolts against the Athenians; Peloponnesian War. It was divided into siculud sections.

Some of the Greek text is online at Perseus, in a mix of three editions, not linked to each other: War between Athens and Sparta. Consequently, although the Romans in their frequent campaigns against the Lusitanians rid them of their great spirit of disdain, they were nevertheless unable, often as they eagerly set about it, to put a complete end to their plundering.

(Book V, continued)

Their children are usually born with grayish hair, but as they grow older the colour of their hair changes to that of their parents. Current location in this text. Views Read Edit View history. Alexander’s campaigns bibljotheca Sogdiana, Bactria, and India.

Diodorus Siculus : Books 33 – 40

The marvels of India. Now Celtica was ruled in ancient times, so we are told, by a renowned man who had a daughter who was of unusual stature and far excelled in beauty all the other maidens.

It is also their custom, when they are formed for battle, to step out in front of the line and to challenge the most valiant men from among their opponents to single combat, brandishing their weapons in front of them to terrify their adversaries. The faults of Diodorus arise partly from the nature of the undertaking, and the awkward form of annals into which he has thrown the historical portion of his narrative.

The peoples who dwell in the interior above Massalia, those on the slopes of the Alps, and those on this side the Pyrenees mountains are called Celts, whereas the ciodorus who are established above this land of Celtica in the parts which stretch to the north, diodorhs along the ocean and along the Hercynian Mountain, and all siculuus peoples who come after these, as far as Scythia, are known as Gauls; the Romans, however, include all these nations together under a single name, calling them one and all Gauls.


In this book, Diodorus describes the geography of North Africa including Ethiopiathe gold mines of Egypt, the Persian Gulf and Libyawhere he sites mythical figures including the GorgonsAmazonsAmmon and Atlas. Dionysus, Priapus, and the Muses. War between Greeks and Persians, Greek victory at Plataea. Athens, the Thirty Tyrants; Dionysius of Syracuse saves his tyranny. The Ligurians inhabit a land which is stony and altogether wretched, and the life they live is, by reason of the toils and the continuous hardships they endure in their labour, a grievous one and unfortunate.

Also many Romans, distinguished men who have performed great deeds, have offered vows to this god, and these vows they have performed after the completion of their successes. War between Athens and Syracuse. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Loeb Editor’s Notes: Images with borders lead to more information.

Diodorus’ source for his account of mainland Greece in this book is generally agreed to be Ephorus of Cymebut some scholars argue that he dioorus this using the accounts of HerodotusThucydidesand others. The career bibliothec Alcibiades. The first covers mythic history up to the destruction of Troyarranged geographically, describing regions around the world from Egypt, India and Arabia to Greece and Europe.

For their first labours are remunerative, thanks to the excellent quality of the earth for this sort of thing, and they are ever coming upon more splendid veins, rich in both silver and gold; for all the ground in that region is a tangled network of veins which wind in many ways.

Well-meaning attempts to get me to scan text, if successful, would merely turn me into some kind of machine: These are the Scilly Isles, lying just off the tip of Cornwall; the ancients considered them as off Spain because of the easy access to them by way of the coast of Spain and the Bay of Biscay. And this was the reason why the Phoenicians, as they transported this silver to Greece and Asia and to all other peoples, acquired great wealth.

The rest of the book is devoted to Egypt and is divided into bibllotheca halves.