Cazadores Oscuros — Sherrilyn Kenyon. Un Amante de El Juego de la Noche #5 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Disfruta de la Noche #6 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Pecados de la. Le gusta la sencillez de su rutina, y disfruta de la seguridad que le brinda. Pero una noche de tormenta un intruso altera el equilibrio de su. ¡Si quieres una lectura corta bien caliente, disfruta! Disponible en la biblioteca de Sam Crescent. Publicadas por Club del Ataúd a la/s · Enviar esto por.

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By the end of this book, I was totally in love with Valerius. I can’t wait for his story. As Tabitha gets to know Valarius, she starts to feel sorry for him because nobody likes him. The plot is precisely structured.

The two of them together are absolute dynamite! Jun 07, Not Now I was like, “Really!?!? She rolled her eyes at him.

It almost feels like it was written dizfruta a different author. Pero ni siquiera la muerte fue el final de un hombre tan fuerte.

I was like hell yeah.

Leer Sin Límites

I want to make it clear that the painful scenes were really moving. Lines of the book: Something you’d only say to deliberately cause pain. He silently took all that was dished out to him without raising his voice or a hand in his own defense. Fulminada — Jennifer Bosworth. Patrolling the streets for Daimons, running from a scary ghost that leaves chills running along her skin, and submitting to the explosive and delicious passion between each other, Tabitha and Valerius will leave you smiling.

He is used to being pretty much alone since everyone either misunderstands him or blames him for the actions of his family over two thousand years ago. Alongside the scorching hot romance there kenoyn some really interesting developments in the world as a whole.


Moderate to hello there baby violence and sexual content. Ritual Magic 10 Ve 11 Mind Magi c So that one page gets 5 from me, the rest minus one!! This nocje an excellent book. Tabitha gets in a fight with a dozen demons. Well, and get ready for this, in Seize the Night he becomes…even more of a mystery. So she decides to defend his poor beautiful hide from sherrilyb those horrible people who don’t see his looks as they should.

That was pretty crazy. The story is complex, with multiple layers.

There was a whole different tone for this part. Seize the Night goes into the collection of my all-time favorite novels. Some scenes were amazing and I say that for both halves. I am such a mess. OMG I loved this one love val and tabby love that Kyrian ran in and stabbed val krnyon Valerius comes across as very high and mighty like he thinks drscargar is better than everyone else but when you get to know him you realise that it is a self defence mechanism that he has perfected over the centuries of his life.

Kyrian is a whiny, pathetic, weak-ass excuse for a man in this novel and I wanted to yell at him. There were times when I had my heart in my mouth and I can’t tell you how shocked and horrified I was by some events that occurred – this really was quite a traumatic read and parts of it brought tears to my eyes. Love at First Bite 9.

Sinceshe had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. It’s always nice to look forward and say YES! Blood Magic — Tessa Gratton.


Seize the Night

Hush Sherrilgn — Becca Fitzpatrick. I tried to understand Artimis, but I just plain didn’t like her, and I hated how important she became to Acheron’s story. Perfect for each other. I guess I kept hoping for that spark.

Reto: ¡Continuar Sagas!

However, al I’m curious to find out what will happen to Nick and how Artemis will screw him over. She is beautiful but has a long scar on one side of her face from an angry demon she fought. I did not like Tabitha in earlier books and did not find her much better in this one.

Firmado, Abril — Paula Ramos. I really enjoyed his perceptions about her, and seeing as he slowly lets her into his heart. May 25 33 29 Jun 30, View all 3 comments. What Tabitha does dixfruta seriously is hunting and killing vampires-and soon she and Val have to grapple with the deadliest of all Daimons – one who’s managed to come back from the dead, and one who holds a serious grudge against both of them. Disfryta helps you keep track of books you want to read.

With Me — Komal Kant. View all 17 comments. Descxrgar and Betrayals 3. I understood pretty quickly that his life sucked, I didn’t need the meaning to be hammered into me page after page.