Dark Desiring / Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird – book cover, description, publication history. Find Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird released on Mar 25, is available now for purchase.

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The fact that she didn’t call him on his bullshit earlier in the book might have also had something to do with it — but then if she had, the book would have been, like pages shorter. I could not believe what had happened to me. The whole upshot of this is that he loves the h madly and has since forever and will she please marry him and put him out of his jealous, neanderthalic misery?

He extended his hand of friendship to a 15 year old when he was ashamed of his behaviour, he didn’t act rashly, didn’t try to date others rather tried to build a secure future for both of them. However throughout the book I never found that man again. jacquelinf

No, probably not, although I would nacqueline been happier to find it at the library. And I quite liked that twist too. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.

Dark Desiring / Dishonourable Proposal

Could have another bookstore’s stamping on text block naughty, naughty!! I adored the idshonourable and her bravery but some of it was purely stupidity because the hero and heroine could of saved a lot of time and trouble if they had just been open and honest. Mindless, she wrapped her slender arms around him— she had no idea when he had shed his clothes—and her nails raked his broad back.

HP Hero’s don’t understand the difference between a mutually agreed upon enjoyable outing and the tart shaming parading of a skeevy pervy guy trying to flaunt his trophy piece mistress. It’s whole premise is one big misunderstanding that gets propagated and viciously fed for four years, because the heroine decides it’s better to lie than to tell the truth.


There are a lot of rumors that the h is a wild man-eater, but as jacqheline H has already ruined her, we know that they are just that – rumors. How she gives into his dishonorable proposal as his mistress forms the story. It was a typical Harlequin. But that’s HP for you. Her keening cry was trapped in her throat as his mouth closed over hers again. But he does hold off and waits until she is an adult before pursuing her, so kudos to you Luke.

You risk pregnancy with a man whose favorite hobby is calling you a prostitute instead of admitting that you’re not on the Pill?! I mean, that’s among several other weird decisions on her part, but that was probably the doozy hide spoiler ]so that probably has something to do with it.

But when she left the limelight and dishnourable the family business, Jake was waiting for her, his possessive kiss reducing her to a mass of aching desire.

Tbh the heroine was a really confused character! This one involves a 22 yr old h and a 34 yr H who have a past. She went to the local village school, and later an all-girls’ grammar school where she passed the University of Oxford General Certificate of Education in various subjects. I love angst, but not xishonourable the hero throws words like ‘bitch, whore, and jacquelime woman’ most of the time I’d rather just hit the hero somewhere it hurts.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I was a mature adult male, a staid banker, and I had the hots for a schoolgirl. I love it on how he asked her to leave the house nicely. Open Preview See a Problem? Trivia About Dishonourable Pro I am going to expunge the touch of your friend Claude from every pore of your body.


Th What doesn’t work for me: At the beginning of the book, she meets up with Jake again after he has purchased a night with her at a charity dinner. Pack your bags and get out. Showing best matches Show all copies. Better World Books Ltd Condition: Sep 17, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: The book starts with the h conned into accepting a charity date with the H, where the battle lines are drawn and the H offers every tart insult known to man to the h, while she does her best to totally wind him up.

I have to say something here, nobody does sexy Heroes like Jacqueline Baird. The H felt guilty tho, cause he was almost thirty and had a life before the h and she was only 18 and hadn’t gotten the chance yet.

View all 8 comments. Now the h is retiring from modeling and planning a design career in her family’s ancient established like Wedgwood china factory. However, that first sighting was when she was 14 years old walking out of the principals office in her tight short little uniform. However, what I actually found more intriguing, is that authors can write heroines who would prefer to sell themselves than openly admit to being hurt by past injustices inflicted by the hero.

Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird

So he let her go to live a little and then lost his mind in jealousy and celibacy was REALLY hard on him and his temper, when he thought she was making the rounds while he was languishing in self-denial. Want to Read saving…. If he really was this caring person then he’d have showed his caring side throughout the affair.