SUPERTASCABILI) (ITALIAN EDITION) BY DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE PDF reading routine, included this sort of this Un Arcobaleno Nella Notte (Narrativa. Buy Un arcobaleno nella notte by Dominique Lapierre, E. Klersy Imberciadori from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new . Results 49 – 64 of 64 Un Dolar Cada Mil Kilometros. October by Dominique Lapierre and Laura Paredes . Un arcobaleno nella notte (Narrativa.

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This is a good book to start if one wants to understand the history of the geographical area that we call South Africa. Nearly nothing about the twenty years since. Called apartheidnltte was a poisonous system that would only end with the liberation from prison of one of the moral giants of our time, Nelson Mandela.

African National Congress ANC and its leader Nelson Mandela parted ways with peaceful protest and slowly degenerated into violent ways. There was Nelson Mandela.

I read a LOT neella books on Africa, and I see the kind of heartfelt, weepy prose engaged in here to be borderline nogte. The Boers called themselves Afrikaners and heroically established rich provinces like Transvaal and the Orange Free State. We listened through our trip to South Africa and not only learned so much but could also see how similar many of the struggles were to the race issues in America too.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to feel when I was reading this book. I found myself sympathetic to the Dutch traders and farmers in the 17th and 18th centuries sought their fortune—and a quasi-religious calling—to settle what seemed to be a largely unpopulated region of southern Africa. I really enjoyed reading this book – I realized as I started that I knew nothing about the history of South Africa. It’s not intended that way, sure. They made a paradise of the semi arid wilderness.


The struggles the black South Africans and the Apartheid-opposing whites, Indians, those of mixed race etc.

Dominique Lapierre

Return to Book Page. A seal in indelible blue ink proclaimed that the passport is valid for travel to any country except the Republic of South Africa. These are noble examples of enlla people rising above the level of intolerance and hatred towards the Blacks, Coloured and Indians. I was a student then and I opened the little black book with curiosity.

: Dominique Lapierre – History: Books

At the age of thirteen, he travelled to America with his father who was a diplomat Consul General of France. To summarize, this is how the South Africans orginiated. The history is by no means impartial, Lapierre communicates his own points of view throughout the text.

As usual to his style, the author has also talked about some of the good work that was done by some white people during all these years and that only highlights that in any race there are always bad and good people and these good people act as rainbow in the dark and keep the hope alive. The British slowly annexed territories that were developed by Afrikaners. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Blacks were prohibited from acquiring land beyond their allocation which didn’t include the gold and diamond mine areas.


: Dominique Lapierre: Books

They established the Dutch Reformed Church in their new piece of land. What would happen if my uncle happens to land at the border post of South Africa while on his journey and which is to be traversed to reach his designation?

In anticipation of a trip to South Africa, I jugatedwanted a readable history of the country and apartheid. Why a country is singled out like this? Its business reeled under crippling sanctions and boycotts.

En otros lugares no perdonamos a miles. There were 12 times more blacks than white however they only received percent of the land.

Un arcobaleno nella notte

After 3 centuries of wars – over sovereignty, native tribes, foreign gold and diamond seekers, and the British army, the resulting regime created an apartheid nation. He was released in This is because on April 6,three ships stopped on the tip of Africa, which was later known as Cape Town. It then turns about halfway through into a hagiography of the poor. Takeaways – British galeons appear for the first time.