Dama Kameliowa. Front Cover. Alexandre Dumas (syn).) Wydawnictwo Zielona Sowa, – Bibliographic information. QR code for Dama Kameliowa. Note: In Germany and possibly other countries, certain anonymous works published before July 1, are copyrighted until 70 years after the. Aleksander Dumas Dama Kameliowa. 7 likes. Book.

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Dama kameliowa

It is also the inspiration for the musical Marguerite[11] which places the story in German-occupied France. The narrator and hence, the author are very careful to explain that dwma don’t believe this to be typical behavior but that was a very exceptional woman.

The kameliow the story is built,in rewind, made me incredibly curious to find out more about this story. Marguerite GautierArmand Duval. I found that amusing and wish that if there must be ‘bad’, that the ‘bad’ of our day was as pretty and clean as the ‘bad’ of theirs.

Dama Kameliowa : Aleksander Dumas :

A young courtesan, Marguerite Gautier, has died and although she was once the most sought-after courtesan in Paris she died of consumption without any of her rich friends or benefactors by her side. I would like to finish off with this quote that sums up the main spirit behind this book that made me love it so much.

This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Dumas, filsis careful to paint a favourable portrait of Marguerite, who despite her past is rendered virtuous by her love for Armand, and the suffering of the two lovers, whose love is shattered by the need to conform dumaz the morals of the times, is rendered touchingly.


The story is such a train wreck of emotion and life that that must dma why it pulls the heartstrings of so many people. View all 18 comments. Gruppo di lettura Si comincia il 3 Ottobre qui! In the beginning, she was closed- hearted to the love of men, because of awareness about the most hidden motives and complexity of men’s selfishness.

File:PL Aleksander Dumas-Dama – Wikimedia Commons

In Scribner’s Monthly reported that “not one other play by Dumas, fils has been received with favor out of France”. Transformed by the month of romance, Margaret agrees with nobility and die alone and any proceedings, dying under the vengeance of Armand who believes she left him to get his luxury. For the son, see Alexandre Dumas fils. Along the way, though, Dumas fils anchors all the emotion through the dispassionate accounts of the economics of a courtesan: Armand Duval, therefore, falls madly in love with Marguerite Gautier, one of the most famous courtesans of Paris, from the first glance.

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Dama Kameliowa – Polish Edition

Two years later, they meet and tears poured seeing Armand taking a terrible coughing Marguerite is consu The Lady of the Camellias was one of the biggest hits of this great century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now, I’m definitely not a person of good ‘taste’ and ‘discernment’ or whatever that may mean. I read something that talked about how people were worried, at the time, that this would promote the “kept woman” way of life, or of men seeking after them.

She sama off as quite selfish. What happens to the pretty girl who trades off her looks for money when she is past her sell-by date? The play was an instant success, and Giuseppe Verdi immediately set about putting the story to music.


Do with me what you wil The oxford world’s classics edition of this novel said in the opening introduction that ‘this has never been a novel for which persons of taste and discernment have been able to confess outright enthusiasm. Ein Werk seiner Zeit, das man auch heute noch lesen kann. The scene in duma cemetery where Armando sees the corpse of Margarita is one of the most powerful ones in literature.

Does being feckless go with the job of being a whore? She spends money so outlandishly that’s she in debt even though she gets huge amounts of money from her other lovers. Up until Marguerite’s death, Armand believes that she left him for another man. Two years later, they meet and tears poured seeing Armand taking a terrible coughing Fama is consumptive upset the young woman who then agrees to be his mistress. This gentleman is firmly opposed to the link. Armand remembers his first meeting with Marguerite and the beginning of their passionate love affair.

Marie Duplessis Moulin Rouge!

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The story of Marguerite Gauthier, a Parisian courtesan who goes on a journey through worldliness, love, renunciation and atonement, thanks to the love of young Armand Duval. From someone outside life, we can see the thing that is truly important and that is the person’s heart. Naturally we have no friends.