Founded in , Dytran Instruments, Inc. specialized at its inception in piezoelectric accelerometers, dynamic force sensors, pressure transducers and impulse. Dytran Basic Tutorial. Peking: Peking University Press, International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering ( CSSE Installed HUMS Base. Dytran sensors are installed on the following airframes for HUMS applications. Dytran Instruments, Inc. 2.

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Select ai0 or whichever physical channel you have connected to your accelerometer.

CHAPTER 4 – RUNNING – ppt download

Like Archive files, any number of Time History files can be created, identified with the jobname, logical name and the timestep number when data was first written to it. Type in the sensitivity value of the sensor.

External—Any excitation source other than the built-in excitation source of the device. Any numbering system can be used Choose a numbering system for the grid points, elements and other entries that is convenient.

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Select your terminal configuration. A virtual channel is a concept of the NI-DAQmx driver architecture used to represent a collection of device property settings that can include a name, a physical channel, input terminal connections, the type of measurement or generation, and scaling information.


Counter productive units b. THS Binary restart files: Time history files are best suited for plotting the time variation of results. Try not to use very large numbers.


Script will look for file: When you have chosen your module, check the Limit Results to Hardware box. You can choose Differential or Pseudodifferential depending on your device see above. Compute the power spectrum and then find the power in band B. Dytran dytrxn and time history files can be translated to input files for: Internal—Use the built-in excitation source of the device. Dytran specific data and use the include option to read in data file written by the translator.

You can use MAX to quickly verify the accuracy of your measurement system setup.

Nastran input directives that are not used by MSC. Wednesday September 15, Time: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. RST Log file summarizing system information: Termination time Output required Constraints and loading to be used Add Extra Bulk Data Data items that could not be defined using the modeling package must be added. Typically this will include some of the following: History of Computers 1.


Only shell elements with elasto-plastic materials do have access to the additional data for output purposes.

Dytran computer program is proprietary to the MSC. Dytran as it executes. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. A physical channel is a terminal or pin at which you can measure or generate an analog or digital signal. For multiple channels, hold down the Shift key and select all the channels being used. OUT Binary result files: Back to Top 4.

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