In the United States since , EagleBurgmann operates manufacturing, functions at its Houston headquarters including a dynamic dry gas seal test facility. EagleBurgmann BT. Mechanical seals. Reliable shaft seals for large pump series . High quality made in Italy. Rely on excellence. Norton Wells stocks and supplies a full range of Eagle Burgmann mechanical seals and other pump spares.

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SHF Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals and more Sealing technology by EagleBurgmann is used worldwide in oil and gas industries, refineries, the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries.

Splitex Fully split single seal, 2 x 2 segments, pre-assembled Semi-cartridge Balanced Stationary springs Bi-directional External pressurization Built-in flushing connections Installation and wear control.

Splitex Fully split single seal, 2 x 2 segments, pre-assembled Semi-cartridge Balanced Stationary springs Bi-directional External pressurization Built-in flushing connections Installation and wear control. EagleBurgmann is one of the worldwide leading providers of industrial sealing technology.

Nearly all machines and systems need to be sealed reliably and securely — either dynamically or statically. Dry Gas Seals pump liquid hydrocarbons. AX5 Unbalanced Independent on direction of rotation.

Mechanical seals – Sealing Solutions

This successful mechanical seal is notable for a low rate of wear, minimal leakage sseal high availability, even at burgmanh peripheral speeds.


Fixed-mount mechanical seal Face materials: DF- P DGS6 DiamondFace DiamondFace bonded primary seal faces Safe cupped retainer for rotating ring Fully operational in both liquid and gas phases Bi-directional Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, double, tandem and tandem seal with intermediate labyrinth arrangement available.

EagleBurgmann USA employs people in 11 sales and service center locations throughout the country. For more information on EagleBurgmann BarrierPro, please contact us at ebnow eagleburgmannseals. Close to 6, employees provide their ideas, solutions, and commitment so that customers can rely on our sealing technology.

Here the seal is precisely matched to requirements and, if necessary, supplied with jacket cooling. SeccoMix 1 For top entry drives, on request side drive possible Dry-running Single seal Balanced Outboard mounted Seap springs rotating Independent of direction of rotation. Products Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps Pusher seals Standard cartridge seals Elastomer bellows seals Metal bellows seals Engineered seals Split seals Gas-lubricated seals.

EagleBurgmann – Sealing Solutions – Sealing Solutions

Type Pneumostop The water-lubricated stern tube seals type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. And because they prevent getting water into the bilge, no elaborate actions are required for its disposal.

Pulace Single seal Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Stationary multiple springs Springs and pins not in contact with the medium. BarrierPro has been specially formulated for maximum performance with all mechanical weal used in convection and forced flow systems.


Grand opening of new US headquarters Pulp and paper industry. Sealing solutions for innovative energy production Mechanical seals for marine current turbines.

Fast, versatile and worldwide. Solution for improved reliability through increased stability. Every sealing point has its own requirements. We also design and manufacture engineered and one-off solutions specific to customer for every application.

Mechanical seals for pumps

Seals are consequently relevant to function and safety and assume the role of a key component in industrial plants. HA Single seal Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Positive torque transmission due to bayonet drive between seal head and drive collar O-Ring groove for ventilation prevents solids build-up and enhances flexibility. Carbon floating ring seals.

The SH series is particularly valued for offering high sealing gap stability with no compromise on minimal leakage rates. HR Single seal Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Multiple springs stationary Seat rotating Seat arranged directly behind the impeller Spring protection sleeve Variant with cylindrical spring and acc. EagleBurgmann Bearing Protection Seal. Material properties have to be taken fagle account.

Pulp and paper industry. Stay informed with Excellence in Practice.