This category contains all of the Eldar Corsair bands currently known to the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any HQ options, and without the Asuryani or Drukhari. With the decent Eldar leadership and the fact that you likely aren’t going to be using any large units of Corsairs this is actually pretty helpful.

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Retrieved from ” https: The corzairs only went 3 turns and they weren’t in range of anything turn 1 but as I suspected they did go ignored in favor of the Jetbikes. The only real famous Corsairs are Prince Yriel and Yvraineboth of whom abandoned their roles as Corsair Princes to move onto greater things, and Duke Sliscuswho is just a Dark Eldar who lives on a ship instead of in the Webway. These ancient corairs tend to be consumed by a singular obsession, be it indulgence in the hedonism that lead to the Fallquenching their ever-lasting thirst cordairs murderthe pursuit of exotic technologies and elixirs in a quest for immortalityor the pursuit of power through forbidden sorcery.

IMO all is not lost.

Eldar Corsairs :: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II General Discussions

Harlequins, Clans Skyre, Astra Telepathica. Each of us walks the stars alone.

As long as you keep the corisars and craftworld units in different detachments, the craftworlders can still get all their benefits. Infighting is very common, with each Corsair harboring within corsair the desire to become Prince and each Coterie considering the others within the fleet as rivals. The Corsairs are said to be the closest faction to the original Eldar before the Fall. I think FW did a major disservice to its fans and customers and has dropped the ball dismally.


Have read all this stuff before the 8th ed rules came out. The Outcasts rarely divulge the hardships of their lives or their constant mental struggle to maintain themselves uncorrupted by the darker impulses of the Eldar nature without the aid of the Eldar Path. Eldad Outcasts playing an active, but vital role as Rangers. It ccorsairs only occurs when a knowledgeable Corsair leader of great influence is present, able to both satisfy the measured desires of the Seers at the same time that he can prove his raw might to the more aggressive Eldar pirates.

Although they resort to piracy to survive due to elldar a economic support structure like a Craftworld or Kabal, it is mainly motivated by the fact that without the War Mask taught through the Path of the Warrior, Eldar can easily get addicted to the pleasures of battle and killing. Retrieved from ” http: Those Outcasts who walk this path for too long may ultimately be consumed by the Path of Damnation and so begin to be enslaved by the same lust for suffering and death that corrupted both their Drukhari cousins and the ancient Cosrairs pleasure coesairs that led corsajrs the Fall of Aeldari civilisation more than 10, Terran years ago.

Eldar Pirates are always followers of the Path of the Outcast —- Eldar who have turned away from the Paths and abandoned their Craftworld. As with other outcasts, some of these eventually Eldar return to the Paths, or may retain some ties to their Craftworld of origin. So, you’ll need to have some rando HQ to lead the corisar battalion? Eldar Outcasts are extremely pragmatic realists and are often very tough, sinister individuals.


Eldar Outcasts

Is there a preview that I’ve missed that says the AI-Xenox is the final ruling? Eldar mobility is on a 30 sec CD and pulsars are on a 20 sec CD so it lines up pretty well.

But the fickleness of Eldar Corsairs is legendary and more than one group of these xenos pirates has been known to suddenly change sides or even turn on their human patrons after a battle is won to seize a greater share of the rewards. Every Eldar chooses for himself a discipline which he then makes it his task to master. Now am reading the exact same paranoia with the Corsairs. In battle, Corsairs emphasize speed and surprise over firepower and armour.

These eldritch wanderers live quite apart from the orderly, disciplined Eldar of the Craftworlds, and form ravenous bands of pirates, corsairs and raiders.

Also I did corsaigs in my first game with my Skyreavers and I was not disappointed. Thulram View Profile View Posts. Sometimes the rigid constraints of the Eldar Path are intolerable even for an Eldar to bear; such individuals leave their Craftworlds and become known as Outcasts.

Corsairs shall rise again!