Whilst we can hope that Forge world will give us a new army list it would be unrealistic to think that the Corsairs are high on list of priorities. Eldar Corsair Codex. Author’s Note: Eldar Corsairs (Fluff). ARMORY. ARMY LIST. HQ: Prince Lieutenants: Troops: Corsairs: 1+; Rangers: Kroot: Elites. Every list will include at least one Baron as a coterie leader and Corsair Cloud Dancer Band (Grade: A): These are Eldar Windriders plus.

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In addition, Corsairs have their own discipline called Aethermancyavailable only for your corsaired Farseer Void Dreamerwhich is focused heavily on movement. Eldar, Dark Angels, World Eaters. Crews can be drawn from a single craftworld or exodite planet or be aemy from all corners of the galaxy, being composed of a vast array of cultures. The weapon is highly reliable and favored over the shuriken catapult by the exodites who find it ideal for their type of guerilla warfare.

Corsairs have a tendency to dismiss the pompous attitudes of other eldar and behave in a more permissive manner when dealing with the Mon-Keigh.

Eldar Corsairs (Fluff)

If you like glass-cannon type of armies, which are able to blast anything to pieces in one volley of fire and avoid payback if used properly, but collapse into pieces after one mistake, Corsairs are your army. When rolling against a unit in combat if the creature scores 4 or more hits it can exchange all its hits for D3 auto armj on a single selected target in base contact with the carnosaur; the dragon may only use devouring jaws against the unit it scored the 4 hits against.

Instead of splinter cosrairs it comes with underslung corsaifs linked shuriken rifles and a shuriken cannon, which can be swapped out for all Eldar heavy weapons, except for a Lance. This bonus is lost when the corsair suffers a wound, as crosairs creature is frightened off, injured, or slain by the assault. They could be digital weapons, projected blades, or other form of trick weaponry. Again nothing new here. Balestrike Squadron’s are great, but there are few more reliable ways to kill something with a high Armour Value than Haywire Blasters.

IA11 Eldar Corsair Colour Scheme and List Help – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

These factories also produce an assortment of items of use to the corsairs, and foster the corsairs a level of autonomy from the craftworlds. This is a small device that elcar an individual by creating a bubble of energy to disperse enemy attacks. It was only later that GWS produced background and rules for the craftworlds that are now recognized as the quintessential eldar.


The ork freebooter kaptain had made planet fall to personally extort provisions corssairs the primitive humans on the isolated, forested moon. Afmy an excess, some princes keep a carnosaur onboard. With a final crunch followed by a gruff swallow the warboss was vanquished, its mob broke and fleeing from the battle.

It just gets old. Also note, that you’re most likely going to be building your army around whatever the Prince chooses as his obsession, as for four of these options, you have to pay points for them.

Killersquid on October 25, Any model can exchange their shuriken catapult for a shuriken pistol for free or a lasblaster of lasblast pistol for 1 point per model. The gyrinx will not take a direct role in the game and cannot be targeted.

Sample Lists I have written a few different army lists below at points. With its rider slain the carnosaur will gain the Rage universally rule. The other new option is the option to swap out your missile launchers for nightfire missiles for 10 points.

The gyrinx cannot be taken by prince equipped a dragon mount or a jetbike as they find it difficult to latch onto the bike or keep up with the dragon. The spirits of their fallen comrades help guide their living brethren through their vessels. So in the end, not only is the FW Index total crap IMO, they absolutely gutted one of the most interesting armies to emerge in 7th and effectively trashed the prospect of all the units we all spent so much time and money kitbashing into existence.

Many exodites join with corsairs for several corsairss in the hopes of exploring the galaxy before returning to their home world. All zoats possess some minute psychic ability that is demonstrated by their ability to communicate telepathically with other races. You could lose a guy in 2 squads and upgrade some wasps to Hornets armyy, if you wanted to be AV 11 and to be even faster. Zoats, Exodites, Rouge Trader era equipment, and re-acquisition of dated fluff will all be found in this codex.


This page was last modified on 8 Februaryat Some units are going to be essential the Warp Hunter in my opinion is one of the best tanks in the game whereas some probably will not see any action Firestorm tank — Way too expensive for what it is. It is tough because you don’t want anything to over lap with aspect colours. The army must have a unit of these, and you would be mad to not take multiples.

The remaining kroot had searched the ork ship, but did not come across anything valuable, well not to the eldar anyway. Next up corsaors a all footslogging list….

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E) – 1d4chan

The next forge world book is Admech vs Tau, but who knows, the next could be a Corisars book. They fit the fast moving nature of the army, and add the llst toughness that they do in a Craftworlder list. Finally we have Corsair Jetbikesagain identical to those in the Eldar codex, but with xorsairs higher BS, and cost 3 more points. Shuriken pistol, close combat, refraction field, Haywire and Plasma grenades. Depending on the tint of the colours you can get really stand out unique greens that won’t take away from you scorps green accent piece.

The weapon fires a larger more codsairs grub at an accelerated rate. I really want them to look good but nothing has sprung to mind yet, prefferably it’ll be a dark colour scheme, maybe some red here or there.

As a result the fleet is often heavy influenced by the exodites. The term “eldar corsair” is bestowed by the imperum in an attempt to classify a rather broad range of eldar, basically any space fairing eldar with either craftworld or exodite origins, but not under the direct authority of a craftworld or exodite world are assigned this title.

I tried to remain true to the old background material from rouge trader, adding my own touches to make the dated fluff more suited to the current setting and filling in the holes to recreate the original eldar forces.