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Nearly a year later, the council is onto them for past misdeeds; Lee, along with the rest of the coven, has lost control of her powers; and Gray is being stalked by what looks like the Grim Reaper. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking, or out riding her motorcycle, a Honda CB5 Nikki Jefford is an award-winning, bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and quirky combinations in-between.

Maybe it is a spell, wouldn’t shock me since seeing double is key to this books. You can trick the mind and even the heart, but never the soul.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But despite the similarities in their appearances and the fact tha 3.

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Anyway, the ending was totally heart-stopping and awesome at the same time! Then there’s The Contact, a necromancer who is responsible for having put Graylee’s soul into Charlene’s body in the first place. Enchantment Spellbound 3 is coming soon, and I can’t wait!! I am not sure if it was the author’s intention for the twins’ relationship to be the focus of the novel I personally need a stronger, tighter storyline, plot and characters. Literally the Grim Reaper barely plays a part in the entire book except as a sort of solution to nik,i problem that they face.

Graylee is genuine, fun, witty, and most comfortable in a pair of old jeans and a ribbed tank-top. I’ll write a full review of this once I get home, but I haven’t read a book that made me this upset in a while. Lee Graylee now on Stacey’s body and Raj have been through a lot. Stupendous excitement that literally had me bouncing on the edge entanglec my seat.

She also talks to her mother about killing her ex’s new girlfriend. I can’t even express how much I love this series.


That distracted me in several notes as far as the narrative was concerned. There wasn’t a natural flow to it and the fact that it was difficult to connect to any specific character here made it that much more difficult to digest. She has no reaction when she finds out she died.

Grey struggles for her survival along side of Lee and even though Lee is not happy that Grey wants her boyfriend she understands it because well it is herself she is dealing with. Off the top of my head, I can’t really think of anyone. Nikki Je After dying, living in her sisters body, and then taking 8 months to get used to an entirely new body, Lee Perez is finally starting to relax into her semi normal, magically filled life.

Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford

After Gray’s discovery and a subsequent blow-out with her conniving sister, everything seems to calm down a bit with a surprising and out-of-character apology from Charlene. I did try to care for some of the secondary characters i. And yet, some of the events such as Raj’s horrible, stalkeryness are definitely NOT things I would want a young teen to read!

Entabgled Graylee is a jeffird just like her mother and her sister; and they belong to a coven.

Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford | Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

My feelings were torn between the two because what makes one gray more than the other? And when Raj makes a comment shortly after that event to Graylee that he “won’t be needing magic to get [her] shirt off” – I was creeped out.

Click here for my review. Full Review Posted on GingerRead Reviews Entangled introduced us to a world of witches and warlocks living amongst non-magical humans. I happen to know because I’m a twin myself and we were always and still are at each others throats not literally lol. She is not loyal, at least not in the way ehtangled matters. I do know I downloaded it from Smashwords.

The world building is good! Just the nonplussed reaction by either of them to jeffird fact is one of many baffling character decisions in this book. He expects one of the Grays to be his and he’ll fight dirty to get what he wants. Published first published May 19th After dying, living in her sisters body, and then taking 8 months to get used to an entirely new body, Lee Perez is finally starting to relax into her semi normal, magically filled life.


Yes, I really felt a moment of pity for that evil twin. Alright, the covers to this entire series is nothing short of beautiful.

Graylee and her twin sister seem to get along fine, but then we find out that her sister has been blocking Gray’s powers for several years, making her the laughing stock of every able witch and warlock that side of town. There is a lot of Graylee Perez to go around in nikkki novel, we have the Graylee that is in the body of Stacey known as Lee and we have the Graylee who is in Charlene’s body known jefforrd Gray. Duplicity was an admirable follow-up to Entangled and kept me turning pages until the very end.

Charlene was definitely a villain you loved to hate. In retaliation to Raj using magic on her she sneaks into his car, chokes him with a shoe lace and threatens his life. Could you possibly imagine how hard jeffoord life must have been? Gray, unlike Lee who has memories from the past few entanggled, befriending Shay and Max, an K.

The choice may be made for them if they can’t get their crap together and quit fighting each other. Which made it very easy for my attention to stay tuned to the jrfford forming between Gray and Adrian. I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. View all 13 comments. Cause even though the body already had a soul, all it needed was a shot of vitamin Gray!

I went into this book expecting a really great read. Now there are two Graylee’s, entanled Charlene’s and one big bad scary Grim Reaper hell bent on restoring the balance. Just as Gray finds out her sister has been blocking her powers to undermine her confidence Gray wakes up the next morning to find out she died and woke up in her sister’s body.