It may be of interest to you to know that I have just now returned from Europe where Fulcanelli’s only pupil, Eugene Canseliet, and I have met at his home to. Horoscope and astrology data of Eugène Canseliet born on 18 December Sarcelles, France, with biography. in particular, how his most devoted pupil Eugene Canseliet performed a successful transmutation of grams of lead into gold in a laboratory near Sarcelles.

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However, three names of known men are associated with Fulcanelli. The Houses in astrology are the stage. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is.

canzeliet Canseliet himself is one of the proposed identities of Fulcanelli. He further claimed that the man who was by then in his 80s looked like he was in his 50s. Sure, the timeline seems odd, as he became a student of the master after Canseliet, but the timeline may have been fabricated. The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves.

She also writes for a local historical society newsletter. Sun discordant to Neptune. Venus in 6th house. He also claimed to have seen him in at a Spanish castle. Fulcanelli himself may still be alive somewhere, if Canseliet is to be believed.

This man allegedly turned lead into gold, a trick he learned from his master. He wrote about a wife in his notes, so he was presumably heterosexual and married.

Eugene Canseliet (Sagittarius)

Moon discordant to Venus. It was just a wild shot in the dark posited decades ago and added to the lore simply because it was something amid a huge void in information about this mysterious man. Sun blending with Mars. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage.



The eugfne is often made that Fulcanelli, whoever he was, was well educated. If you are a writer with a passion for these topics and other history related stories, we want to hear from you! Her main focus is military and political history. Ever asked yourself What Zodiac sign am I? There are challenging and easy aspects between the planets and it is up to the individual to choose how they are going to utilize the aspect energies for a positive outcome.

The Ascendant is how you dawn on the world, how you present yourself to others. These are the names of his students. Mercury in 4th house. However, nothing about it is more mysterious than the people who practice it or, at least, the people who have been purported to practice it. He could have hired someone, no matter how doubtful that scenario may be.

Then take this quiz to check what is your Zodiac personality! Moon in 12th house.

Eugène Canseliet – Wikipedia

If someone were to guess your astrological sun sign, they would guess it based on what you show the world, which is your rising sign. This is one of the few cases in history where there is so little to go on that curiosity about the subject rarely bears fruit.

The men who brought the name Fulcanelli to the public are all long dead. Saturn in 5th house. Shelly Barclay writes on a variety of topics from animal facts to mysteries in history.


With stories like this, it is no surprise that some people think Canseliet is actually the writer behind Le Mystere des Cathedrales and Le Demeures Philosophales.

When people say Fulcanelli was a mystery, they mean it. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. Depending on which planets are aspecting each other and the rest of the natal chart, will determine which planet is dominate and which is not in the aspect between them.

Saturn discordant to Neptune. Neptune in 11th house. Your email address will not be published. The fact is that we have no evidence of his schooling, his marriage or really even his ability to write well.

Who Was Fulcanelli?

They called him Fulcanelli and that was the name on his books, but who this man really was seems lost to history. One such man was known only through his publications and cwnseliet students.

However, that is just speculation. Sun in 5th house. Log in with your credentials. History is full of unexplained mysteries and canseluet want your help in documenting it.

Jupiter in 4th house. Born at Sarcelles, France Monday, December 18, The most famous of his students was Eugene Canseiet. Mars in 5th house. Even the name Fulcanelli is believed to be a nom de plume that has succeeded in shielding the true author for nearly a century. Unfortunately, there is nothing solid to back up this theory.