Home arrow Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC arrow FM Mine/Countermine Operations. Reference URL. Share. Save to. Field Manual (FM) provides United States (US) armed forces with tactical, technical, and procedural guidance for conducting mine and countermine. Field Manual FM Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He measures 6 meters along the centerline for the first cluster and, pointing perpendicular from the centerline and in the direction of the enemy, indicates the placement of 220-32 base mine. M armored mine clearer Hornet area-disruption obstacle Area-disruption obstacles are normally armed by remote, but they can be manually armed under the following conditions: Soldiers work 50 minutes per hour, 12 hours per day.

Sample DA Form inside for a booby-trapped area gure Removal of the pressure plate Intermediate lane marking When upgrading to intermediate marking, the first step is to emplace the right handrail markers. Planning process H-hour sequence D-ll Table D Measuring distances between mines with sandbags A shaped charge is formed by detonating an explosive charge behind a cone operarions dense metal or other material.

Firing mechanism or other device sets off the detonator or igniter charge. Handrail Markers Handrail markers define the lane path through the obstacle and indicate the limits of the lane width.

Mine/Countermine Operations FM 20-32 C2

Buried mine with a trip wire A-9 gure A-ll. This is accomplished by multiplying the total number of mines Step 4 by 1. Final-Approach Markers Final-approach markers are highly visible, robust markers that augment the visual signature of entrance funnel markers. Any attempt to remove the mines will likely result in detonation. Shrapnel is propelled upward coungermine outward from the mine and produces fatal casualties to a distance of 15 meters.


Obstacle control and operationss use of graphic obstacle control measures are vital in preventing minefield fratricide at every echelon. The two subcomponents of tactical-obstacle siting are coordinating with the maneuver commander and siting the minefield.

Here, the lane signature must be more extensive and more visible, because it must guide larger forces over a greater distance to the lane’s entrance without interruption.

However, regardless of the type of device used, it must support the standard lane-marking pattern outlined in the following paragraphs. Marking of minefields and obstacle groups — Tactical lanes need to pass through the entire obstacle group. When emplacing minefields behind theforward line of own troops FLOT in the main battleor rear areamark the minefields on all four sides.

FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations

operationx The SI TEMP helps the engineer to understand how the enemy will traverse through the TF’s sector and allows the engineer to gain an understanding of how and where he can best attack the enemy’s maneuver. Bursts and scatters shrapnel in all general directions.

Probable M14 AP counterminr emplacement The battalion commander’s intent is his vision of the battle and normally outlines what actions the unit must do to accomplish the mission. When a far recognition marker serves more than one lane, a guide or a traffic-control post TCP is collocated with the far recognition marker that is nearest to the breach.


An engineer squad moves with scouts or the patrol and conducts dismounted reconnaissance of templated or discovered obstacles.

mkne All participants in the siting process use a common FM net to communicate during siting. Firing mechanism Casing charge 3? With this information and a thorough understanding of the available systems, he can then recommend the type of minefield conventional or scatterable to be emplaced.

Full text of “FM (Mine Countermine Operations)”

When a full-width fuse is activated solely by contact with the wheels or tracks of the target vehicle, it usually countermlne an M-Kill because most of the energy is absorbed by the wheels or tracks. When appropriate, give the types of mines and the number of each type of mine for closing.

Methods of actuating mines gure Fencing for an operatioms Volcano minefield D Within Friendly Territory There is a wide variety of factors involved in determining the number of rounds, the size of the safety zone, and the emplacement time.

The APOBS provides a lightweight, self-contained, two-man, portable line charge that is rocket-propelled over AP obstacles from a standoff position away from the edge of the obstacle. Threat-style rapidly emplaced minefield C-3 gure C When there are multiple lanes branching off a single far recognition marker, the TCP can assist in breaking parts of the formation off into various lanes.