Francesco Carotta, – The spreading of these texts is free, except for commercial purposes. SUMMARY. The question is: IS JESUS DIVUS JULIUS?. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Too many. Jesus Was Caesar by Francesco Carotta, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Then in that case, the Revelation would tell the story of the Egyptian campaign of Octavianus in mystical form.

Harrison rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Book ratings by Goodreads. Gotta caesat stuff like that. Later generations produced more discrete traditions like the Gospel of Johnthe Acts of the Apostlesand the Book of Revelation. Hendriks, Tommie”Was Jezus Caesar?

They had killed the man who had reinstated them into positions of great political power, even after they had fought against him, trying to kill him. Msg ID Thread Additionally, after going through half the book or so, you get the picture, Carotta tries to trace every story in Mark back to an event in Caesar’s life, and succeeds reasonably well, but at some point, as the method, which is explaining the mistranslations involved, stays the same, it ends up being like redoing the same trick over and over again.

Thomas marked it as to-read Jeuss 24, Are the Gospels built on the life of Caesar, just as the first Christian churches were built on the foundations of antique temples? Untitled Msg ID Thread Thus the suggestion is: For example, they would not recognize the baby Jesus, that is Octavianus, as the son of God. This English translation fromwhich I’ve had in my possession for a few y I read the Jeshs version of this book a few years ago and accepted the likelihood of the central tenet of Carotta’s thesis: Caesar crosses the Rubicon and sets-off a civil war and long-story-shortdefeats the forces of Pompey and the optimates.


But now, thanks to Carotta, there IS a historical figure who is actually more commanding and praiseworthy than the pale, insipid Gallilean failure long held up to us as a role model that anyone in their right mind would NEVER follow. Paul de Ridder rated it really liked it Dec 04, He also almost completely ignores New Testament scholarhip in his darotta. Considering the resemblance of the names and the similarity of the requisites, a sequence emerges: One must be aware: Sulla had massacred all opposing politicians when he had gained power and piled their heads in the forum.

To describe crossing the Rubicon as the beginning of his “rise” leaves out an awful lot.

Jesus Was Caesar

Apr 06, Sarah Pangloss rated it liked it. Is Jesus Christ really the historical manifestation of Divus Julius? It would explain a jfsus things He has participated in documentary films on Caesar and Christ, given academic lectures, and reconstructed Caesar’s funeral ceremony in Spain, based on the historical sources.

Since then he has continued his research and written several articles. Carotta studied philosophy in France and linguistics in Germany.

Francesco Carotta – Wikipedia

However, Carotta goes much further and postulates that the sudden introduction of the Jesus myth was actually triggered by actual events, distorted as they ended up being.

The cult surrounding Jesus Christ, son of God and originator of Christianity, appeared during the second century. To ask other readers questions about Jesus Was Caesarplease sign up.

Bas Nordkamp rated it liked it Jan 13, Carotta shows that the parallels are so overwhelming, they can not simply be coincidental. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. David Madore marked it as to-read Sep 10, There is wwas curiously large number of coincidences in the life of Julius Caesar, and “Jesus Christ”. I had perfectly legible Latin texts to work with.


This is augmented by comparisons from archaeologynumismaticsiconographyliturgyand ritual traditions. This, of course, because Antonius and Cleopatra fought and, eventually died, fighting the adopted son of Caesar, that is, son of God. Romano Hoofman rated it really liked carltta Oct 14, While I am open to the idea that the story of Julius Caesar might have influenced the Gospel writers I would need to see something far strogner than this.

It was my first reaction too. On the Julian Origin of Christianity: Jesus Was Caesar examines these intriguing mirror images.

The first evangelists had badly hand copied texts, some of whom probably didn’t understand Latin better than I did at school. Is Jesus Christ really the historical manifestation of Divus Julius? Far from being applauded for their deed, they barely escaped sure destruction the night of Caesar’s funeral Mar 26, David Seals rated it it was amazing.

It is quite strange. Early historians, however, never mentioned Jesus and eve Julius Caesar, son of Venus and founder of the Roman Empire, was elevated to status of Imperial God, Divus Julius, after his violent death.

Clodius entered the house but not through the front door.