(Stefica Cvek in the Jaws of Life; ) of the Croat Dubravka Ugresic, or Lumea in doua zile (The World in Two Days; ) of the Romanian George Balaita. George Balaita’s Lumea in doua zile ( 5; A World in Two Days) mixes fantastic-metaphysical insertions among realistic narratives on political themes. dams ophthal test · George Balaita – Lumea in Doua Zile (Polirom – Fiction Ltd) · Tesla lawsuit · Relacion de Niños de La Seccion ·

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What I would like to know is how far you can you take a joke.

Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita – Lumea in doua zile / The World in Two Days

When he returned to the city, all the people crowded around him and asked: Perhaps he will count the steps. He will die on the spot, on the asphalt, on the ring road, behind the new stadium.

The same as he is today, seven years hence old man August the hatter will be wearing a rather long, slightly rumpled light-coloured coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat underneath, not very wide trousers, you might even say they are gforge, quite long in the leg, so that from his boots almost as far as the knee they are like a corrugated tube or a concertina or something of the sort.

Excerpt from Critics about. That is what he will call them: Fromhe worked as an editor and later assistant editor-in-chief for Ateneu magazine, published in Bacau. In a provincial town, Antipa, a commuting functionary, is amusing himself with some friends.

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They debated the question and the next day the most learned among them went to the hermit and said: This will be downstairs, but upstairs, in the old attic made of planks, old man August the hatter will still be at work. Unless his frail body rests on the feet of a much larger person, perhaps those of the person who would have matched his huge, wily, gentle head.


Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita

Old man August will be there. Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. And he will add: It has terrified me without my ever seeing it. Not far from the place where there used to stand the planked pens and sooty unplastered brick walls of the old abattoirs, where the whitish poplars ceaselessly swayed, and not far from the bank of the river where, not long after Antipa was born, the Poet used pumea walk, his hands behind his back, the deep pockets of his overcoat stuffed with all kinds of trifles, empty tins of unguent, coloured vials, hairpins, bits of string, shiny pebbles, corks, the tattered hem of his coat fluttering around his long legs, like banners of mocking madness.

All rights available Book presentation In a provincial town, Antipa, a commuting functionary, is amusing himself with some friends. Certainly, the old man will say.

George Bălăiță

Our times have discovered the boundary. I have to know.


He will look like this: He graduated from the Philology Faculty of the A. Yes, the old man will shout, and the tape recorder spool will conserve in its memory that meaningless word, takecareoldmanaugustfastenthepadlockafteryouchecktheyalelock.

I am not yet cured. The other old man, Iacubovici, will have died four years previously, a man who ,umea seen plenty in his life, but who had always done the same thing: It is as if the world is built anew against the backdrop of a grey provincial town, the boundaries of life and death become blurred, and the virtues of formerly life-giving language are re-dimensioned.

But old man August the hatter will say: I have to find out. You have to help me. And it is on his account that I have to get to the bottom of it all.

Old man August the hatter will unplug his electric iron. Unbelievable as it might seem, it is as if had signed this contract with Antipa himself.

Then he will wait for the other man to speak: Insignificant objects that the deceased had not been able to take with him.

Although time scatters or gathers? After the death of old man Iacubovici, the hatter will, at last, work with an electric iron.