GUhrinG And its products 39 tool illustration tool material. Guhring no. standard type. Form tolerance M Hss-E-pM. ~ din n c. 6HX. M – M Hss-E. din n c. 6HX. M 3. – M Hss-E SuperLine. DIN. Type. Form. View Guhring’s catalog offering for Drills. machining equations and decimal equivalents. Guhring’s offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. Guhring India is a % owned subsidiary of Guhring OHG. Jun 27, Guhring India commences coating operations from Pune Read.

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Tooling know-how from a single sourceThe machining of turbochargers is the perfect example of a highly complex,extremely demanding machining task.

Catalogs for Drills

Guhring Select Complete offering of premium quality, competitively priced high performance taps, end mills and guuring. The diameter should be 0. The interchangeable head milling cutter, consisting of cutting headand clamping chuck, can be refitted with a new head in seconds.

Venture the step into the future with Guhring andmultiply your production output!

Catalogs for Drills – Guhring Inc

Our collection service picks up the tools directly from your production and returns them there again. Create a free account Login. As one of the pioneers ofMQL technology we have anextensive knowlege of minimalquantity lubrication.

The super,ine is a deterioration of the machined feature as well as a shorter tool life Embed or link this publication.

SL tools are ready and available now. First and foremost it includes regrinding and recoating. Our collection service picks up the tools directly from your production and returns them there again. Axially and radially adjustable as well as extreme Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “PCD Intelligent solutions for complex machining tasks”.


Finishing Operations Side milling with smaller cutting width but better workpiece surface quality. A stub drill or jobber drill, diameters 1. General Catalogue Reamers, countersinking and deburring tools For us as manufacturer it means we can ensure an intelligent solutionregarding raw materials, The advantages are especially high form and contour accuracy of the workpiece, minimal wear and therefore excellent tool life.

N 5xD Solid carbide 2. The publishers cannot be held responsible for anyerrors, omissions or changes of After all, who has more expertise for offering these services than the tool manufacturer? GT DZ Parabolic flute powdered metal cobalt drills with over new stocked sizes.

All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Science Health Science Pediatrics Superline advertisement. Cutting direction Tolerance see product information guhrinv SL Reamers d1 Discount group right-hand l4 l2 l1 d1 d2 h6 l1 l2 l4 mm mm mm mm mm U 7xD Solid carbide HE 3.

New version of a classic design.

Everything from one supplier — comprehensive and globalWith a global network of manufacturing sites Guhring develops and produces precision tools for all the important markets. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Grooving Systems” P. Work easily, quickly and efficiently Guhring precision tools will not let you down in this category. Here the first guhrng pages from the catalog “GM – optimal tool clamping and lubrication”.


Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Guhring Tool holders” P. The chuck is heatedup in the shrink fitsystem. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “GSS ” P.

For exactly suchapplications we have the taps, Guhring nos. RT AL Economical drilling of aluminium materials The DIN standard forms are Available on request.

Facing, internal and external chamfering in one operation. Or send them for refurbishing by courier and have them returned again by this method. SL tools are ready and available now. The consolidation of both these tools leadsto a drastic reduction of the cycle time.

These materials tendto work harden, are very poor guhrign of The centrifugal forces can break these long tools before reaching the workpiece surface!

All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures

The high-tech tools are refurbished withoriginal coatings and geometries In addition, they convince ofcourse through Please note – current pricing available on our website. The tools excel through supeline contour accuracy and optimal concentricity.

Our Conditions of Sale and Terms of Payment apply.