GURPS Autoduel was one of the first worldbooks ever published for the GURPS system – over ten years ago! Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car . A few things to make car-design easier and more Car-Warsish in GURPS Autoduel. In the 96 pages of GURPS Autoduel, you’ll find: Detailed vehicle design rules. Choose your own tires, engine, suspension, weapons, and accessories — to fit.

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The breakdown of society led to the collapse of vast computer networks. Ten years later, things have gotten better in Autoduel America — but not much.

The US Surgeon General has determined that playing Micros in sessions of longer than thirty minutes is harmful to your mental health. For example, at certain skill levels, taking a slow 15 degree turn over three seconds can be more dangerous than taking a sharp 45 degree turn over one second.

Supplement for role-playing in the Car Wars universe. Britain confiscates all private weaponry in reaction to events across the rest of the world. Now you would think that with the extra 32 pages that this edition contains, we’d have enough room to shoehorn it all in, right?

If you believe that, I got a slightly-used Autodurl Kart that you can steal away from me for just ten grand. Your character is such a person, willing to face the guns and rockets of outrageous fortune in order to live his own life. Campaign Setting game world. This means that NASA lost its primary launchpad. Whether you want to circle arenas, smash-and-grab, bounce over dunes, make a long haul over dangerous terrain, or patrol the skies, you’ll first need GURPS Vehicles, 2nd Edition to do it.

GURPS Autoduel

Like later versions of Car Warsthis includes a “turning key”, a piece of cardboard containing various angles to steer your car with and make the resulting turn. Gangs, cattle, and it recommends Grups National Park.

Oddly, they allow the GM to grant players temporary reputation for free like being publicized due to a road duelbut if PCs don’t back up their points-paid, fame-based Reputations by getting media attention, it can fade away at no compensation to the player. A stereotypical road thug, though some might be more upstanding depending on the gang. You know, that Killer Kart has all-wheel drive and side-mounted gunports from where a rocket flew through the back seat. Written by Christopher J.


It no longer exists.

Africa and South America fragment and those continents descend into complete third-world status. Not only has the Anarchist Relief Front has been around since the early ’80s i.

Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car Wars boardgame, was a fan favorite as players faced a world devastated by war, famine autosuel despair. This all-new Second Edition is 32 pages longer than the original, and includes: In fact, more has changed than has remained the same from the First Edition.

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Freddo on Solomon Kane, Mad Max, and…. This section is for GMs only; it contains sample adventures. Then we threw in the trikes because they didn’t require too many extra rules, and helicopters because they’ve been there since the beginning although the rules for actually building and using them didn’t show up until Autoduel Champions.

First thing, unlearn everything you knew about designing cars. The Carboard Heroes line was about to go on hiatus. The objectives of scenarios vary: Can you come into our facility in the next day or two?

GURPS Autoduel | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Just pretend you’re Lee Iacocca, and away we go I have not looked at 4th edition at all. And it all fit into a nice tidy package, right? There’s also apparently smaller computers that are plugged into public terminals and run off of that connection “as common as public phones” – well, not anymore. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat In addition, because of the 3d6 curve, you have weird Murphy’s Rule effects. Hurricanes pounded Florida in andlaying waste to much of the Atlantic coastline.


Thankfully, most vehicles give a bonus to Driver rolls. Also, they hate people who don’t speak French. This all-new Second Edition is 32 pages longer than the original, and includes:. One day, Joe Duellist, wondering where his next meal is coming from, sits in the driver’s seat for his first amateur night, hoping for fame, glory and a steady income. Layer it on as thick as you like. Named “Crusher” because he likes to ram lighter targets with his vehicles, and also because he knows board-chopping karate.

GURPS Autoduel | Series | RPGGeek

That’s autodiel problematic tack for police to take, since it just escalates things, but the game needs its excuses for shooty shooty bang bang. It’s generally considered discourteous to point your weapons at somebody unless they’re approaching your home or approaching in a threatening manner.

gjrps That all being said, because Driver skill plays a larger part in manuevering – the amount you fail the skill roll by determines the range of control loss you suffer – GURPS drivers are much less likely to suddenly send their car into a spinout or vaulting roll like Car Wars drivers might.

Though the weapons in Autoduel are considered early TL8, they pale in comparison to most TL7 military weapons. Pyramid subscribers are permitted to read this article online, or download it and gurrps out a single hardcopy for personal use. Quebec Like Canada, only with more French. And ARF was a natural candidate. While the US military is converting over to electric technology during this time, it will arrive too late to prevent the shitstorm hitting the proverbial turbine.

So we compromised, we pushed everything that we could to the end of this decade so that the Autoduel timeline can officially diverge from our own at the year Since weapons are more expensive, the cost is more likely to limit the design than the amount of space available.