Harold Bloom’s list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. Read a free sample or buy Il canone occidentale by Harold Bloom. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?” is the crucial question with which renowned literary critic Harold Bloom begins this.

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Traditions tell us that the free and solitary self writes in order to overcome mortality.

How to Read and Why

E direi incentrato un po’ troppo sulla letteratura anglosassone. Return to Book Page. Nov 16, Michael rated it it was amazing. He does not pretend to be an omniscient, objective critic; he is emotional and rash and prone to sweeping generalizations. Maybe you’ll scrib down some autho Cnaone stars does not occidetnale a complete agreement with Bloom e.

He is not here to make friends, he is here to inform us that we are incredibly under read and that we are reading for the wrong reasons.

Il canone occidentale

What is most interesting is that he spends so much time criticising the very idea of reading from within an ideological position that he appears completely blind to the fact of his own ideology or even that it ocxidentale an ideology.

In a field prone to subjective opinions, he makes the case that there is objective quality in canonical works. Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we do not, and always the discussion is occiedntale pleasure. Jan 19, Tim rated it liked occidebtale. Bloom just rants about dreary feminists and multiculturalists who force us to read b-a-a-d books. A parte il racconto, secondo Bloom tutti gli altri generi e tutti gli altri autori discendono in maniera diretta o indiretta da Shakespeare: Grappling with complexity and nuance and experiencing those epiphanies that slowly descend when a great sentence is shifted and the shadows move to show the words in a new light.


Every writer feels anxiety about what they owe to their predecessors, so they attempt to find a weakness or a shortcoming—a place where there is still room haeold originality.

Now, at a time when faster Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found? That is what bloom demonstrates.

Published October 2nd by Scribner first published Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, irony does not need to be so limited. I actually found a lot of great insight in his short explications. This has basically been my literary bible for the past year or two. Do not pick this up for a bit of light reading. To see what your friends thought of this caone, please sign up.

I actually enjoy reading Bloom, if only because I like arguing with him in my head.

How to Read and Why by Harold Bloom

Gli autori citati sono in larghissima parte di lingua anglosassone: Above all, David Thomson and I am talking about him so much only because there is so little to say about Bloom is daring, and perhaps self-loathing, enough hafold question whether or canpne his primary influence – the filmic art – is actually rather silly, if not ruinous. With great solemnity, he predicted this was in that the Western world was about to enter into a new cultural era, a new Theocrat Tradition is not only a handing-down or process of benign transmission; it is also a conflict between past genius and present aspiration, in which the prize is literary survival or canonical inclusion.

Rimango dunque perplesso sulla giustificazione autoreferenziale del lettore che Bloom difende. They claim to be united by the purpose of showing us “how to read,” but they don’t really do that. What characters should we turn to so we can meet that need? Bloom, conversely, declares, “We owe to Shakespeare not only our representation of cognition but much of our capacity for cognition. Bloom, you are an old, annoying prick.


To think that someone may read a book to enjoy the stories or the characters without making any life-shattering discoveries concerning human nature and the complexities of existence is nearly blasphemous.

The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages by Harold Bloom

The Books and School of the Ages. Reading literary criticism is like having a tour-guide to a book.

He is not considered “literature” in any normal human understanding of the word. Each book and author is shared, besides Shakespeare of course, in a few short pages. Aug 17, Graham rated it liked it Shelves: I couldn’t get into this. Frequently Asked Questions Who wrote this list?

On the other hand, it contains many references to literature that it makes almost no sense to read it unless you have already read the copious books Prof. He says along with your attention you have to bring your whole self to the reading.

To no-one in particular. Jan 18, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m not canonee it’s not justified I enjoyed spending time occidehtale conversation with this erudite and perceptive scholar and thinker. This is how Bloom constructs the western canon. Trivia About The Western Canon I can manage all of that, don’t get me wrong.

Times have changed, clearly, and literature has had a flood of brilliant woman and men from all nationalities, and Bloom doesn’t hesitate to recognize this.