Black Saddle Mushroom — Click for larger image. H. lacunosa is frequently found in large numbers in California, especially under Monterey pines and oak trees. Head of the fruit body cm high, cm broad, convoluted and irregularly lobed, sometimes saddle-shaped; margin attached to stipe at several points; flesh. NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Helvella lacunosa probably does not occur in North America, and instead we have a number of black Elfin Saddle .

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California Fungi: Helvella lacunosa

See the linked page for further discussion. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert. They are often associated with conifers: Helvella mitra is a synonym. Helvflla mushrooms are found scattered in hardwood or conifer forests, but seldom in as large numbers as around cultivated and landscaped places.

The Young Specialist looks at Fungi.

The Atrium

Here is a fairly unmistakeable species of Helvella featuring a convoluted black cap and an ornately fluted stem with cross-ribs and pockets. Talk to you in a few.

A common mid-winter mushroom, Helvella lacunosa is variable in form and color, but its deeply furrowed stipe and dark, convoluted cap are distinctive. Two similar looking species occur in Alcunosa North America — Helvella vespertina is associated with conifers and Helvella dryophila is associated with oak.

Still no mushrooms…hey, wait a second! Probably mycorrhizal ; growing alone, scattered, or gregariously in woods under conifers–often in disturbed ground roadbanks, landscaping sites, and so on ; in eastern North America usually found in wet, mossy areas in cold conifer bogs; summer and fall, or in winter and spring in coastal California; widely distributed in northern and montane North America, and along the West Coast.


Stir for another few minutes until the almonds are golden, then set aside. These mushrooms may be cross-sectioned and cooked in cheese sauce, or deep-fried until crisp. Mushrooms in their Natural Habitats. Photo by Jason Hollinger.

Helvella lacunosa – Wikipedia

There is no need to soak dried black saddle mushrooms. A small cluster of Elfin Saddle mushrooms, likely Helvella vespertina, collected in Washington state.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It puts me in the mind of hand-dipped candles that have been sculpted to show off different rills and rivulets of melted wax. For other fungi with a similar name, see elfin saddle.

Elfin Saddle is poisonous if consumed raw, and those who do choose to eat it discard the tough, rubbery stem. The thing that appeals to me most about the Elfin Saddle is the stem; it is usually streaked and fluted and looks like an ornate grey-white carving in soapstone or a similar medium.

Helvella lacunosa is frequently parasitized by Hypomyces cervinigenus and by the gilled mushroom Clitocybe sclerotoidea. Note the fluted and streaked stem, and the folded black cap.

Paraphyses hyaline to brown, with granular contents; cylindric with rounded to clavate apices 2. A Preliminary Account of the Genus Helvella. At first helfella, Helvella lacunosa is likely to be mistaken for something dried-up and blackened, but close inspection reveals a fresh mushroom, quite beautiful in its ornateness and dark colors.


We never did find any morels. Helvella lacunosaknown as the slate grey saddle or fluted black elfin saddle in North America, simply as the elfin saddle in Britain, is an ascomycete fungus of the family Helvellaceae. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon oil and cook the onions and green peppers over medium heat for about 5 minutes. They have thick, convoluted, and sometimes shiny or slick rounded caps. Preserving These mushrooms may be either dried or pickled.

The flavor of H. Cook the pasta in a large amount of boiling salted water until al dente ; drain. It was not possible to draw a clear distinction between the two.

Elfin Saddle Mushrooms – Genus Helvella

Black saddle mushrooms have deep-black caps and firm, dry, rubbery, whitish stems. Also, I earned the nickname Helvella that day. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I dove into a dirt-bike blasted bit of territory, using the deep paths torn up by lzcunosa ATVers to make as much headway as possible, and Dave moved up a distant hillside.

Head of the fruit body cm high, cm broad, convoluted and irregularly lobed, sometimes saddle-shaped; margin attached to stipe at several lacunosx flesh thin, brittle; hymenium grey-black to black, sterile inside tissue grey to dark grey.